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Latest local time: Mother and baby involved in a terrible accident at a pedestrian crossing in the Suceava courthouse »Suceava A dolphin


Wednesday, November 14, 2018 (15:07:48)Click here for VIDEO.

For about two years, a woman and her child were shattered at the pedestrian crossing of the Suceava court. The Suceava court was a young, fast-driving car that did not give priority.

Witnesses say the incident happened on Wednesday at noon, and a strongly affected woman was projected through a few tens of meters of atmosphere. I was seriously injured by an unconscious ambulance crew. She died in hospital after an injured injury. A child in the stroller was found a few feet away from the right sidewalk and witnesses handed it to the ambulance crew. It is currently being treated by a doctor and is in a coma. The fatal injured woman is called Irina Airinei, a captain of the Gandarmi Fălticeni Nursing School and is on maternity leave.

The witnesses said the vehicle was very fast and ran to the age of 26. He said that the woman and the baby suddenly appeared before him and could not escape them.

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