Friday , October 22 2021



iphone head-back

iPhone. Apple has made a very exciting move to the old phones that will make its customers move to new models, which will increase the sales value for many of them. We talk here about all phone models between iPhone 6 – iPhone 8-row, the return value for them is duplicated in some cases, but only when they are returned will be used as a discount for one of the new models.

iPhone. For those who do not know, copy means that the old phone pulls into the store and will receive a discount for another new phone, prices, and other items available in & # 39; second sale case. Now, back to Apple's move, iPhone 6 now has a $ 150 back, compared to 75% of dollars so far, with iPhone 6 Plus, customers get $ 200 instead of $ 100, such as Apple offered in stores.

iPhone. Apple buys extra Buy-Back Prices

iPhone. For an iPhone 6S, the buyer price is the same as the iPhone 6 Plus, but an iPhone 6S Plus, the customer will bring a $ 250 reduction for a new model, compared to 150 as it was today. For iPhone 7, the price return value from $ 175 to $ 250, for iPhone 7 Plus from $ 250 to $ 300, for iPhone 8 is the same price used as the previous model, and here's offering stop.

iPhone. Apple does not accept copying iPhone 8 Plus phone, or newer, so you should sell second-hand by customers who want to buy iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Plus. Now, if you're great why Apple has become a bit more potent, well, of course, the sales are not as big as it hopes, and not a big drop in the winter holiday, makes the new offers.

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