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International Schizophrenia Film Festival – From London to Bucharest Movies and TV Screens – Movies


The seventh edition of the Psychoanalytical and Film Festival will be held at the Peasants' Cinema Museum in Bucharest from 22 – 25 November 2018.

The event is held annually since 2012 under the direction of the film critic Irina-Margareta Nistor and is sponsored by the Romanian Society of Psychoanalysis and other key partners, national and private. This year's exclusive guest is director of the European psychological analysis film (Andrre Sabbadini) (London, UK). Among the guests are Elisabetta Marchiori (Italy's Rassegna di Cinema e Psicoanalisi), Laura Manu (UK) and Florian Predescu (Corsica).

The program includes short films, children's programs, vintage and feature films, and niche films, presented by international festivals and screened at a special screening in Romania. The film comes with discussions and workshops with directors, producers, actors or film critics, therapists and psychoanalysts.

Each year, the festival aims to provide an overview of the public's thinking, classical values ​​and essential questions, relationships with others, and guidance on the self. To encourage participants to moment of reflection – fortunately look for beauty and evolution and encourage creativity and the potential of each of us to be happy.

The International Schizophrenia Film Festival is actually a Romanian screening of the European Psychoanalytic Film Festival held every two years in London. The London event is chaired by the great Italian director Bernardo Bertolucci and has been included since the year 2001 in the 10th edition of the Institute of Psychoanalysis in London.

Psychoanalysis is based on the theory that birth experience, early relationships with parents, sexuality, love, loss and death plant our mind patterns or relationship patterns. To some extent, I fell into relationships with old-fashioned people, but I was deeply in my heart. Through psychoanalysis, we can live a more free and creative life. Films that are forms of culture and expression must respond to the need for entertainment, the pursuit of stories and stories, and the need for interaction with other cultures. Cinema is a universal language and has access to a deeper level of human spirit, stimulating the need for self-knowledge and facilitating answers to important questions.

Schizophrenia and Film International Festival Program, 7th Edition – Current Ghosts

Thursday, 22 / 112.18

17:00 Concert: Shiraz – Indian Romance *
Foley & # 39; Ala feat. Irina Margaretta
Mute movie consecutive with Salman Rushdie's live sound design and introduction.
Supervisor: Franz Osten
England – Germany – India, 1928, 97 min.
Psychoanalysis by Ilinca Bălaş
Free admission to available seats

"Shiraz" is a powerful story based on a romantic legend about the origin of the Taj Mahal, the most beautiful monument in the world dedicated to love. The solution used by Foley & # 39; Ala for sound design approaches specific ways to create a sound environment for a radio theater. The electronic system aims to reach a new exploration area that is characteristic of the synthesizer era, and instant live performances do not exclude quotations from existing theme or prototype culture references. The nostalgia for the videotape video is found by Irina Margareta Nistor to translate the original box of the movie into English in the Romanian language by the "Voice of the Films" I will be pleased to have been.
* Version restored by the British Film Institute (2017)
The British Council Romania, the Romanian Cultural Institute and the European Film Festival,

19:30 Official opening day
One step after the holy angel
Daniel Sangdu Director
Romania, 2017, 150 min.
10 Gopo 2018 Award Winners
Andrea Sabbadini (UK) psychoanalyst Daniel Sandu and the supervising team
Entrance based on tickets and invitations

The Holy Romanian Orthodox Graduate School of Theology. A group of high school students with all the craving and curiosity. Parent-teacher (Vlad Ivanov) has only a concern for the preservation of discipline, tranquility, and appearance. Conflicts, dilemmas, derailments, attempts, some useless things, other things. Friendship, betrayal, love, manipulation. It is not only a film about maturity, but also an important social and moral fresco in modern Romanian society.

Friday, 23.11.2018

17:00 Concert: The Ghost Cart
Foley & # 39; Ala feat. Irina Margaretta
Ingmar Bergman and live sound design and projection of a movie with prologue
Director: Victor Sjöström
Sweden, 1921, 86 min.
Commemorating Ingmar Bergman's 100th anniversary
Psychoanalysis of Dr. Florian Predescu (Corsica)
Entrance based on tickets and invitations

The Phantom Carriage (Swedish: Körkarlen, literally: The Cartoon) is a cult film considered to be one of the most important landmarks in the history of Swedish cinema, but there are also reference points when creating large screens. This film has had a great impact on the work of Swedish director Ingmar Bergman. Ingmar Bergman reviewed the movie at least once a year and then used the image of death in The Ghost Carriage of Seventh Seal (1957). That same year, Victor Sjöström starred in Bergman's other iconic film, "Wild Fragrances," which included explicit mention of the "Ghost Cart." The Foley & # 39; Ala band proposes a unique solution for movie soundtracks based on a mixture of improvisation and live poly, which combines digital sound elements in pre-made layouts and sampling techniques combined with live instruments . . Those who know the phenomenon of underground videotape will be amazed: the original insertion of the movie in Romanian (including Swedish, English subtitles) translation is undoubtedly the "voice of the movie", Irina critic Margareta Nistor.

19:30 Target – Projection
Michael King of Romania – a story about life
Director: John Florescu
Romania, 2017, 30 min.
Invited John Florescu,
Psychoanalysis of Daniela Şerban Păduraru
Free admission to available seats

"After 50 years of communism, we have changed our minds, and we can not expect a society that is moving to democracy right away, it's impossible – this system has turned people into bad forms. It all depends on the followers. These things are not right. "Michael King

20:30 Anticipated stolen / family business
Regia: Hirokazu Koreda
Japan, 2018, 121 min.
Palme d '# 39; Or or director Cann
Psychoanalysis of Rita Theodoru
Entrance based on tickets and invitations

Osamu and his son are passing through an abandoned little girl. Osamu's wife appeals to the idea of ​​hosting her baby all night, and at last her parents agree to take care of her as it turns out she is abusing her. Despite poverty, the family looks happy. Suddenly an unexpected event suddenly reveals his secret.

Saturday, November 24, 1811

11:00 Child projection
Wheely: It is pleasant and fast.
Supervisor: Yusry Kru
Malaiesia, 2018, 90 min.
Psychoanalysis by Laura Manu (UK)
Free admission to available seats

Wheely, a small, dusty, adventurous and competitive taxi dare to compete in the title race of his city, the King of the Road in Gasket City. During a failed race, Wheely meets the famous and beautiful Bella di Monetti luxury car, which falls in love with the hood.

13:00 Expected 7 + 1 Romania Short story
Christmas Gift – Director: Bogdan Mureşan, 23 min.
1 additional supervisor: Valeriu Andriuţă, 15 minutes.
We are in charge – Indicator: Răzvan Mihai Badea, 22 minutes.
Another way directed by Andrei Robert Popa: Diana Dumitrescu, 13 minutes.
Quietly – Director: Alex Iures, 15 minutes.
Michelangelo – Director: Angel Demian, 19 minutes.
Must Love Kubrick – Director: Alma Andreescu, 23 minutes.
Little Truth – Director Stephen Mandachi, 15 minutes.

Psychoanalysis of Andreea Chiţu and Elisabetta Marchiori (Italy) in the presence of the team
Free admission to available seats

15:30 expected
Woman in War
Supervisor: Benedikt Erlingsson
Iceland 2018, 101 min.
Candidate Critics Weekly Cannes International Film Festival Grand Prize
2018 LUX Prize Finalists
Psychoanalysis Gianina Micu
Entrance based on tickets and invitations

Halla is 50 years old and a dedicated activist for environmental protection. Halla declares a single war of aluminum processing, widely known in other parts of the world, under the name "Woman of the Mountains". Halla stops negotiations between the Icelandic government and companies ready to build steel mills in the mountains, as her actions become more and more brave, from simple destruction to industrial sabotage. But as he does his biggest and most brave operation, Halla receives a letter that changes everything.

18:00 Fate – first expected
My only story
Director: Nicholas Dimăncescu, Andrei-Nicolae Teodorescu
Image: Nicholas Dimăncescu, Dan Dimăncescu, Dimitri Dimăncescu
Scenario: Andrei-Nicolae Teodorescu
USA – Romania, 2019 (in production), 90 min.
Psychoanalysis of Sanda Lepoiev under the supervision of Andrei-Nicolae Teodorescu
Free admission to available seats

Everything moves so fast and it feels like time is passing by.
Over the years I have focused too much on my mistakes, my shortcomings and shortcomings.
You should now stop background noise. All chips must be exchanged for cash. I have to take it.
Pick up a room and shoot something. Mount … knowledge always has one
Very moving parts. This movie is like a book of knowledge about what I am interested in.
It has so many subjects. It is built exactly as my brain works.
Nicholas Dimashescu

20:30 Destination – Romanian Premiere First Day
Orson Wells' eyes
Mark Cousin Director
United Kingdom 2018, 115 min.
Golden Eye – Cannes Special mention
Psychoanalysis of Bogdan Cuc
Entrance based on tickets and invitations

With exclusive access to hundreds of pictures and illustrations from Orson Welles' personal collection, director Mark Cousins ​​unveils a unique portrait artist who has never been known before by jumping into the visual world of legendary directors and actors . Sketched with his hand, seen through his eyes, painted with his brush. Michael Moore's producer, "The Oryes Welles of Orson Welles," revives the passion, vision, concept and creativity of this 21st century cinematographer and explores how Welles genius can relate to today, To Trump.

Sunday, 25.11.2018

11:00 Child projection
The Grinch
Director: Yarrow Cheney, Scott Moosher
US, 2018, 90 minutes
Psychoanalysis of Petruta Gheorghe
Free admission to available seats

Every year more colorful, bright and noisy Christmas festivals interfere with the loneliness and calmness of Gritchy. Whos says he will make Christmas three times this year, Grinch realizes that the only way to go on a calm and quiet path is to steal Christmas. Will Greenwich have a Christmas vacation?

13:00 Teen Projection
Toughest in school yard / tough guy
Director: Christian Lo
Norway, 2013 74 minutes
The psychoanalysis of Anda Dragan
Free admission to available seats

The story of Modulf, 11, which he thinks is a superhero. Everyday he is assaulted by the worst boys in school. And that's good. Because if only Modulf is assaulted, the other children will not. One day a new girl, Lise, moves. Lise does not agree with Modulf's theory. They take care of the school class and make disaster – suddenly she is saved in a storm. Modulf must face his situation and do something about it.

16:00 Destiny – puppet of sound: France Gall portrait sketch
Video projection and reading with live music
: Actress Laura Vasiliu and Irina Margareta Nistor,
Special guest: Ileana Popovici
Scenarios, Concepts and Visuals: Radu Rădescu
Absolute premiere, 90 minutes.
Professor's psych analysis Matei Georgescu
Entrance based on tickets and invitations

Puppet of Sounds has created a desire to display the personal meaning and reflection of the masses of confused humans and artistic destiny as a special fusion of subjectivity and segregation through music, images and narratives. This script is a model of a short film with a record of the events, events and meditations from the intimate universe of sensation, insight, confession and personality, as well as the carefully selected hits of the time TV jurors and the people they have It has become a celebrity of celebrities all over the world called Gall (Gall). The main character of the show talks about his life, which collects memories, impressions, conversations and rests of reality and novel in chronological order. An unexpected reunion with light vocals Ileana Popovici, a suggestion for music, literature and movie lovers.

Expected at 18:00
The secret of happiness
Vlad Zamfirescu directed
Romania, 2018, 90 min.
Anatol Reghintovschi's psychoanalysis
Entrance based on tickets and invitations

One night, Tom, a friend of mine, puts his wife and friend in an ambiguous situation and tries to reveal the secret of keeping it well. So two friends find happiness only when someone is not happy. Because the resources of happiness are limited.

20:30 projection in preview
The apologist Boloa
Director: Dominic Dembinski
Romania, 2018, 98 min.
Dominic Dembinski's psychoanalysis of Dr. Cristian Andrei in the presence of director and filmmaker
Entrance based on tickets and invitations

Hero, Fear, Hope and Love, the story of a universal war metaphor. Even if it is displayed as a stumbling block in history, the main character practices the story of smiling and loving. Apostol Bologa looked into a ruined house in a paradise-like room full of flowering flowers like spring cherry blossoms. It tells the way from darkness to the light of resurrection. His memories will be the movie "The Apostle". Saints who speak beyond death – Saints and heroes never die. – The adventure we can recognize today, we can see the fear and courage to surpass our present historic comfort.

All screenings will be held at the Peasants Cinema Museum in Bucharest.


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