Tuesday , January 25 2022

I was immediately kicked out of Astra. "Some losers gathered"


Coach Gheorghe Multescu said he was "right" on Astra Giurgiu's technical leadership Tuesday, but there is also objective reason for the team to have no results.

"After a good start, there was a group of injuries." There were some defeats, which was the reason for the team in the championship and the cup, but I made a mistake with the same evolution as before. We are all making mistakes. I have no plans, but I am not affected, but I do not know who is coming to Astra. I canceled yesterday afternoon. "Multescu told Digi Sport.

He criticized Dan Alexa, a Danube team engineer who negotiated with the Astra leader, but eventually stayed in the Calarasi band. "I knew Alexa was an alien like Craiova," he said, "if I did that much, why did not I make it happen? "I led this team in the Champions League with this excellent team," Multescu said.

Astra Giurgiu went 3-for-2 with Poli Iasi in the arena last Saturday. Giurgiu formation led the 1-0 and after the elimination of sin there was an extra player on the field. Astra took sixth place with 20 points in 15 steps. Gheorghe Mulţescu (66) returned to technical leadership of Astra Giurgiu, who finished training last season's play-offs instead of Marius Măldărăşanu.

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