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“I can not believe it! I knew he was getting ready to do driving school!”

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  • The police drew a red and blue football player criminal record for driving a vehicle without a driving license and keeping the document for inspection in order to continue the investigations. If after verifications it is found that the permit is valid, the criminal case will be closed, and Florinel Coman will only be left with the sanction to overcome the legal speed.

How did the man who raised Florinel Coman react after finding out that the football player’s criminal record had been drawn up?

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The head of the football school Luceafărul Brăila, where he grew up Florinel Coman, said he was stunned when he heard what had happened. Laurenţiu Calu he is a good family friend of the footballer’s parents and he expressed his opinion after this incident.

Florinel Coman left Luceafărul Brăila for the Hagi Academy in 2011, when he was only 13 years old, and later joined FCSB.

“I can not believe it! I knew he did not have a license, that he prepared himself and driving school. I do not know who advised him to do this job with a Ukrainian license, but he advised him very badly. It is probably one in his consequence.It’s a consciousness he did, but knowing that Florinel is not a bad element.

He is neither a gypsy nor a criminal, he does not come from a poor family. He comes from a normal, working-class family. His father still works as a driver on a truck transporting grain. “, said Calu, for GSP.ro.

The director of Luceafărul Brăila is of the opinion that Florinel Coman needs support at the moment.

“He’s probably going through a harder time and he has no support. I know him very well and I know he always needs someone to trust him. I saw him at matches and I see him in frustration, probably caused by high pressure. He tries, gets into situations to score, shoots at the goal, but does not go in. At such moments, someone has to support him.

The club should have a man who takes care of all the problems that bother a player. Big clubs have psychologists. That should be FCSB, especially since it is a club that wants to sell players for large sums abroad. It’s a problem that happened, but the world needs help now. The club, the press, everyone. He’s an important player we can not lose. “, Sei Laurenţiu Calu ek.

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