Tuesday , January 25 2022

How useful are the cameras on my Apple Watch smartphone?


How useful are the cameras on my Apple Watch smartphone?

Apple is looking for a way to integrate cameras into smartphones in the Apple Watch range and focuses specifically on systems that avoid the inherent pitfalls of integrating cameras into unsuitable devices.

Considering how small and powerful today's camera technology is, it's a good idea to try to put everything in the camera. However, there are many logic-free devices like SmartWatch.

But the company seems to be interested in this issue. In a recent AppleInsider patent, we found that we could think of integrating the goal into an Apple Watch smartphone.

The goal of such a goal is not to capture the self, but to capture others. Intelligent Face Recognition for video calls using Apple Watch SmartWatch.

For example, you can integrate a camera, wide-angle lens, and a variety of sensors to make a FaceTime call from Apple Watch, even if the user is using a smart watch at a strange angle.

You can use the camera and software together to gather data images to create a more appropriate looking avatar. It would not be surprising if camera technology could somehow include Face ID in Apple Watch.

So if you lift the girl-level smartwatch, you can sign in quickly when you pay with the Apple Pay service.

Anyway, this is an interesting patent even if you include customization options in the Apple Watch smart watch belt. However, this is only a patent, so I can not be sure that the company will put it to practical use. Perhaps the company will be exploring instead of developing ideas.

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