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Grip does not treatments with antibiotics. The gryp season began in Romania. What he advises specialists

"The ginger season began in Roannia, and glucose is not treated with antibiotics, but with antivirals only with the advice of physicians. It is important to go to the doctor since the beginning of the disease, we Do not expect anything good at home, only complications, "said Prof. Dr. Adrian Streinu-Cercel, general director of the National Institute for Insectic Diseases "Prof. Dr. Matei Balş" on the debut of the Influenza Season 2018 -2019 in Romania.

According to official data from the National Public Health Institute, national, until November 18, 2018, eight cases of influenza were confirmed and the total number of acute respiratory infections found 90.982, 13.8% higher compared with that in Same week of the previous season registered – 79,895 cases – and 8.7% higher than in & # 39; The previous week – 83,680 liked.

More than 850,000 people out of # risk; s groups were in a free campaign of & # 39; The Ministry of Health has been vaccinated.

The vaccine is effective after 14 days

"When vaccination rate decreases, deodorization will be a lot in the gypsum season, especially in secret cats. Vaccine efficacy has changed, prefers 60-70% of infections in adults of 18-64 years, and Protection is determined by 14 days after vaccine, it is good to prevent in October and November, but it is never too late Seasonal influenza vaccines have been used for more than 50 years and have a good safety profile, and gryffaxing increases the risk of protecting protecting and strong complications of manipulation, Dr. Alexandru Rafila, President of the Roemeense Microbiology Society, member of the Executive Health Committee – WHO Europe.

Influenza is an acute, highly infectious disease, and patients can develop rapid influences that are required for cure. According to the European Center for Syndrome Competencies and Control (ECDC) data, 20 million cases of illness, 3.5 million hospitals and 171,000 dead in Europe were expected to be expected in future in the absence of a thesis.

"Flu is an unpreparable illness on the individual and population levels, an annual challenge for epidemiologists, clinicians, family rights and virologists." In the past season, 2017-2018, reportedly reportedly reported grips, 2.3 times more than in the previous season. -Virus A (AH1N1 – 22.3%) and most B (66.4%) were found, a situation comparable to that at European level. In the annual free vaccine campaign of the Ministry of Social were 1,016,724 people intimidated, vaccination is almost double compared to the previous season, "said Dr. Daniela Piţigoi, the National Institute for Insectic Diseases Prof.dr. Matei Bals ".

What's the tetravalent influenza vaccine

For the seasons 2018-2019, the tetravalent flu vaccine virus vaccine has the following composition: A / Michigan / 45/2015 (H1N1) pdm09-like virus; A / Singapore / INFIMH-16-0019 / 2016 (H3N2) – sa; B / Colorado / 06/2017 – like (Line B / Victoria / 2/87) and B / Phuket / 3073/2013.

It is recommended that type B-influenza virus from the trivalent gympopic composition is B / Colorado / 06/2017-like line B / Victoria / 2/87.

"Flu is not a common illness, it's not a simple cold, and when there is a medical history, it can lead to death." Influenza virus disseminates light to children in communities, but with its many superfluous nature, it is easy to adults. with children at school are twice as experimental virus infection Influenza vaccine is an active method of protection and can be aged from six months, Dr. Anca Drăgănescu, specialist in infectious diseases and pediatrician , President of Pro Immunization Association.

The conference was organized by the Pro Immunization Association, in collaboration with the Romanian Microbiology Society and the Family Association of Bucharest-Ilfov, with the support of the National Infectious Disease Institution "Prof.dr.Matei Balş "and the National Social Issues Institute.

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