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Gadgets Airbnb: A Romanian platform helps you sell what you have in the house – from a camera to the PlayStation – Ideas and entrepreneurs

After four years in the Netherlands, two young people are working on an online company in Romania. With the principles of the collaborative economy, Radu Vladislav and Alina Petcu have set up an online marketplace that makes the reference of objects between people. The Stuffz Platform offers gadget owners (camera's / video games, gaming consoles, drones, bikes and electric scooters, etc.) the ability to rent them, while not using them. Radu explained to StartupCafe.com how the branding plant works and what steps have been taken to start the business.

"The platform values ​​gadget owners, resources, but also for the entire community." Account Value for Owners – they will record items stored & # 39; otherwise. "According to surveys, almost 70% of camera owners use them only twice a year.

Important suggested for shepherds – they get access to a large area of ​​gadgets, they can only rent them for the period they need, affordable prices. No need to buy gadgets that you probably have a low usage.

For the community – assembled together by assembly, consumption is optimized. How? The question of new gadgets will decrease, and the area of ​​resources will be used to produce objects, "explains the founder Stuffz.

In the Netherlands, 31-year-old Alina worked in IT and tax machine, and 33-year-old Radu was employed in a commodity trading company.

StartupCafe: What were the steps for starting Stuffz?

Radu Vladislav: We built Stuffz to solve a problem we were having: at some point, while we were traveling, we needed a few days for a mini-project, but we did not find a delivery service. The same thing happened when I needed a DSLR.

Then we made a brand research and realized that many people have the same problem as we do. These experiences and results have led us to the creation of the Stuffz brand plate. In addition, we researched the studio, discussed with potential users, analyzed and further analyzed their feedback, and made the Stuffz-Beta platform – it can already be delivered.

StartupCafe: What is the business mode?

Radu Vladislav: We monitor the platform by applying for a fee in the form of a percentage of each traffic transaction. Currently, the commission is 20% of the value of each traffic transaction and we will enter it in & # 39; Customize a future based on the cost we receive.

We believe that this form of monetaryization prevents users, an increased cost to them. We use the commission to cover the operational costs of the platform, as well as the costs of promoting and guaranteeing the products.

StartupCafe: Why do you choose to do an online business?

Radu Vladislav: We believe that the potential of online is great and that what we see is so far developed has only begun. The technology ensures a warning of new services, applications, products and even noticed that a long time ago, it was utopian. We also think that the online environment is very flexible, the restrictions are not very high, and creativity is "at home" in this environment.

StartupCafe.ro: Did you offer any investment / finance? Are you after investments?

Radu Vladislav: Our strategy is to focus our resources on the development and adaptation of a Stuffz service to the desired form of users. At the same time, we want to control the functioning of functional and execution parameters from a platform, and then we will follow the scaling of the model. For scaling we will need to cover the development of the Stuffz service. We see both partnerships and investments and the minimum funds.

StartupCafe: What was the first investment? (own funds / bank credits / etc)

Radu Vladislav: In Stuffz's development we have the concept of being present "Lean Startup"Why we can consider the business costs. Thus, the first investment was closed by own funds.

I can only tell you that we have no big start-up costs, compared to what we hear on & # 39; s market as needed to start a start-up. This is certain of the Lean concept. We have concentrated on developing a beta / MVP version that delivers functionality. We have no money for developing problems that are not fully needed. Then there were relatively small administrative costs.

  • (n.r.) The lean start-up concept decides to replace complex business plans, based on many hypotheses, with permanent adaptations – a process called the "response loop", type of structures – assesses – learns.

StartupCafe: Which promotion channels do you use?

Radu Vladislav: The community we want to offer is the presence and online presence, we are currently exclusively promoting social media content, content marketing, paid advertising, and growth hacking.

StartupCafe: Which budget does your monthly / yearly allocate to the marketing area?

Radu Vladislav: We are still in MVP phase, and our goal is not to include many reports of users or make our brand, but we do not have a large budget for the marketing area. The "Lean Startup" concept means budget coverage, including marketing, only as one of the level-level indicators it can.

StartupCafe: How do Stuffz now look?

Radu Vladislav: Prior to this, we have focused on presenting the Stuffz concept to the community we & # 39; re targeting, deciding certain scriptures and collecting and executing & # 39; e feedback that we received to have.

We have also invited a limited number of owners to place products on the Stuffz platform and we have the top 100 products over 40,000 euros. In the years to come, we want to focus our efforts on inviting a limited number of our common members to the platform.

StartupCafe: What is the short term and long term for the online platform?

Radu Vladislav: In the short term, we plan to specifically tailor the performance statements to a marketplace, to create more lease transactions so that we understand the needs of all users and provide them with a useful service.

So we & # 39; ll plan the platform into & # 39; country by country, then regional / international.

StartupCafe: What does the Stuffz team see?

Radu Vladislav: Currently, Stuffz is composed of two people, myself and Alina, with combined skills in project management, marketing, sales and customer service. Alina and I are also co-founder of & # 39; s startup. We think of some current challenges, but we want to increase our team with the development of the platform.

StartupCafe: What happens when the product is offered by a Stuffz user is split up for it?

Radu Vladislav: As a result of damage to the rented product, we encourage the users to keep the situation alive. We are aware that there are situations where this is not going to happen, and therefore, we stipulate that the products will be warranted in the rented period via the Stuffz platform. If the situation is not determined within a reasonable time, we will compensate the owner of the product, after which we will remove the legal damage from a warehouse.

We can support this model at this time, but with the development of the platform, we want to earn the risk for an insurer. We are already in discussions with insurers in the country, but also abroad, for a collaborative relationship in that context.

StartupCafe: Do you think about executing an application or targeting website development?

Radu Vladislav: We believe that an application will be the natural development of a Stuffz infrastructure, but at the moment we want to focus on developing the site. We want to optimize both the desktop version of & # 39; a site and mobile phone, where & # 39; we already get important traffic.

StartupCafe: Do you think the platform can stimulate the emergence of other businesses? I am referring to users who are investing in gadgets and renting them out business.

Radu Vladislav: If we take the AirBnb platform, where & # 39; ts most of the current revenue is generated by companies that & # 39; were created by growing housing management, we can say that in & # 39; be the future of rentz rented dealings on the Stuffz platform.

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