Thursday , January 20 2022

FORTNITE. The wonderful advantage for WINTER


Fortnite snow

Fortnite. The winter comes, or at least you, Epic Games, with a very interesting change that is ready for people who are active in the game and want to be the coming winter. Last year, Epic Games "earned" the virtual world of Fortnite with new special costumes and other decorations that are inexplicably visible, but in 2018 it will be troubled.

Fortnite. According to some, the source code of the last game update updates, it seems like the snow is the virtual world of the game by Epic Games. Below you have two photos that do not clearly clarify that Fortnite should be back in winter, but there are obvious tones that confirm it will be present.

Fortnite. The most convinced for WINTER was expected

Fortnite. Epic Games try last year for winter and Christmas as it should be, but without snow can be anything bigger than it should be, so it will also be included in 2018. In view of the Winter Royale event occurring at Fortnite, it is common for us to make the snow available to relish spiel experience, and the American company knows something to offer to users.

Fortnite. Furthermore, it is not clear whether the entire card with snow or Epic Games select only selected region to change so that players can feel that the winter is titled. Comparably, it is not clear whether this update is released for Fortnite, but most problems will be in the beginning of December all players will be # the world be available.

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