Sunday , May 29 2022

Ford Puma Returns: Sources Cancel SUV! | news


Ford Puma will return to a market, announcing several Australian publications.

This time, instead of a coup, the blue Oval will give the Puma SUV configuration. The information comes from the patent in Australia and New Zealand. We know that Ford wants to put another small class SUV alongside EcoSport, and this model would be Puma on some brands.

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In other countries, Maverick and Timberline are named, but Puma looks to be the name for Australian and New Zealand brands. The Mitsubishi had a similar strategy to the Eclipse, after a conspiracy break in SUV and the cross-sifix came in his name.

In the case of Puma, it is not clear whether the name is used on any market and whether it is a front-wheel cruiser or an all-round SUV. In any case, it would be deboom in 2022 or 2023. Blue Oval will present the Bronco model, and Puma looks like his younger brother and future rivals Jeep Renegade.

Ford's goal would be to influence the small-size SUV brand and retro design of Jeep. Until Puma comes, EcoSport is in line with the range, but it would be curious to make this model next to EcoSport at the Craiova plant.

Unfortunately, we have no news in this direction, although a second Ford model is in production in Craiova in the future. At that time Ford Craiova will increase its number of employees to meet EcoSport's demand.

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