Wednesday , April 21 2021

Emotional Abuse of Children in Hospitals II: Leave Your Children Not Only for Consultation and Treatment

The online petition demands that doctors in Romania actually comply with the applicable laws regarding the relationship between doctor and patient. “We call on the Romanian College of Physicians and the Order of General Nurses, Midwives and Nurses in Romania to require its members to comply with the Patients’ Rights Act which states in Article 32 that: The patient may benefit from: the support of family, friends, spiritual support, advice in all medical care.At the patient’s request, the care and treatment environment as close to the family as possible will be created.We also demand a ban on coercion removing cooperating and emotionally stable parents from the treatment room where the child is cared for! ”is shown in the petition filed with the College of Physicians.

Un topic rarely addressed, negative experiences in hospitals and emotional abuse in the relationship with doctors, leave traces in children’s behavior. “Apart from the fact that sometimes the parents are taken out of the treatment room, it sometimes happens, in some places, that a child is forcibly immobilized, which is very traumatic. Emotional abuse occurs when the child calls for the parent who expelled. “Then he feels very alone, he feels abandoned. In its limbic system of the brain, the child feels a boundless fear of death. Anxiety runs through the whole brain and no rational process takes place. He believes that he will die and that he is abandoned. “, and that followed.” says Otilia Mantelers about FM Health.

It is the second show in a series on this subject. We invite you to join us [email protected] of [email protected] and tell us about your experiences with children in Romanian hospitals. We refer to emotional abuse, respect for the rights of the child and the parent, the doctor-child and doctor-parent relationship. The following debates are dedicated to the parents and their experiences, along with the sick children.

Full interview with Otilia Mantelers, in the audio recording below.

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