Saturday , January 22 2022

eMAG – Suggestion foam bubble, Promotional cake on the cake, Price


eMAG has become accustomed to having a good price on Black Friday only until the end of the year, and this time it seems to have been confirmed. We did a serious analysis of your bids, which is wrong.

eMAG – the most interesting proposal to access Next link.

eMAG is doing a huge promotion at the same time. We reviewed and analyzed all new product prices and announced the evolution of our most important phones, laptops and TVs.

eMAG – mobile phone

Mobile phones are the most wanted eMAG ever. We looked at the eMAG proposal and brought in five of our most popular mobile phones and their prices. I do not think anyone tells me that only Apple and Samsung phones are at the top. Focus as much as you need.

1 Apple iPhone XR – The most popular model of all the most popular phones. That does not mean that the world is still paying high prices. This costs 64 GB. Coupons are here.

2 Samsung Galaxy S8 – This model did not surpass the interest and sales of the S9. One of the obvious reasons is the very good price. Available in 64GB and 4G models You can find it here.

3 Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus – Dual SIM, 64GB, 4G, The best price you can get from the best phone is the lowest level in recent months. You find him here.

4 Samsung Galaxy Note 9 mobile phone – Two numeric cards, 128 gigabytes of memory and dual sim features to manage 4G features. The Midnight Black color pattern can be found at: Next link.

5 Apple iPhone 8 – 64GB of storage space and 4G of faster Internet functionality are available for older iPhone models. Coupons are here.

eMAG – Notebook

Because eMAG is among the top five most popular notebooks, we recommend only cheap laptops. Their prices oscillate somewhere between 800 and 2000 radians.

In addition to the configuration and careful consideration of the remaining features included in the eMAG offer, some laptops have free or half-price software.

1 Lenovo Yoga Laptop – Even Yoga, It has a powerful Intel Core i3 processor, 14 inches, Windows 10, which can open 360 degrees. All details are here.

2 Dell Inspirion 3552 – Intel Celeron processor, 15.6-inch large screen, rich 500GB space. Detailed proposal You can find it here.

3 HP 250 G6 notebook with Intel Core i3 2Ghz sKYLAKE processor. The 15.6-inch screen is an Intel HD Graphics video card. Coupons are accessible from. Next link.

4 Asus – Intel Celeron processor laptop, 15.6-inch screen, 4GB memory and 500GB storage space. Intel HD graphics video card, Infinite OS, Chocolate Black. All details are here.

5 inch, 11.6 inch Kiano elegance, 360 degree, Intel Atom 1.92, 11.6 inch, easy car touch screen, 2GB, 32GB eMMC, Intel HD Graphics. This proposal includes Windows 10. Details can be found here.


The most acclaimed TV on eMAG is the smallest and cheapest TV on the diagonal. Fortunately, eMAG offers many of these models. We rank the five most popular TVs.

1 100cm Smart TV, 4K ULTRA HD resolution. The price of the most popular TV You find him here.

2 Smart Android Star 81cm, HD Resolution, Netflix, HBO Move, YouTube or Facebook. Details are here.

3 Samsung Smart Curve Smart TV offers 123cm diagonal screen and powerful 4K ULTRA HD resolution. A complete suggestion is here.

4 Toshiba – Diagonal 81cm, but 26% off TV, but all smart features, HD resolution and LED quality. All suggestions can be consulted at. Next link.

5 Smart TV Android Sony Bravia LED – 123.2cm screen, 4k ultra hd, all smart features are available. Discount offer is here.