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DSP Alba: You need to have different varieties, one of the most common browsers. Recomandar Previraire – Revista Urbea Mea


Varicela is one of the most common bovine colonies, this is the highest contagio, the 95% in special in the initials. In the month of October 2018, the family of the Alba jumbo reports to the Director of Public Health (DSP) Alba 54 varieties of varicose veins, which can be seen in similar periods (73), with the number of people being in the near future , in the case where it is extremely contagious.

DSP Alba recommends training in making copies of the specific specimen, so that it is possible to enter the columns and to participate in the eventual event of the Periodic Period (minivanum of 1 Decmembre and servicemen), to avoid disembarkation.

The asemenea, for the sake of spreading varicot, is a repaid repair, in the case of timber of twelve years. At the same time, your momentum in the first diagnostic formula (preferably on the infection bolt) will be in the bottom of the highway to the bottom and the ultimate coils. In total, from the 14th to 18th, the first day of the weekly semi-weekly weekends.

Now it's a recipe or a specific diet that has to be done in varicella, which is consumed by lichens and dietary supplements, varieties, bottles of fruits and vegetables.

To find out, this is an epidemiological point of view of the pediatrician or medical family, which provides copious care to the many people who have the opportunity to study the grannin or the scholar.

DSP Alba informează că varicela is the first contagion for transmitting and maintaining the urine: prin contact direct with cervix and leziunile, with chiar and with a simple strand, or a persona. Varicela la copii scade imunitatea. As you can, timp of the month you need to know is the need for supplementation.

Daca şi copilul dumneavoastră face varicelă (vărsat de vânt) anunţaţi ţiţăţiţiţiţiţiţiţiţiţiţiţiţiţii prietenii cu care ţătăţău 2-4 înile înainte apariţia primelor bubiţe, ceilalţi family members, neapărat la grădiniţă / şcoala şi femeile însărcinate care au stat în preajma copilului cu varicela And do not care about this acne virus.

Potrivit Centrului Naţional de Supraveghere and Control al Bolilor Transmisibile, varicella is a bacterial infection caused by varicosecular virus, which is manifested by a vascular eruption, separated from valleys, from the general public manifestation (fever, capsule, muscular muscle, secrecy nazale).

It is a specific period of time, since it's a matter of fact and a mature person who is not familiar with the booth and has never been vaccinated with immunizations.

Infectious diseases of the bacteria or varicose veins are the infections of the secret superior respiratory tract and the secretive element of the vexic surgery and proliferation of the leukemia.

Period of incubation is 14-16 miles, with only 10-21 miles.

The transmitters are face-to-face respiratory presses, the nazofaringian secrecy detection aerogenic or aerosolic contamination with the securities of the vexicular vein, or rarely, the prime objects are melted with the secretion of the mucous membranes or the tissue. Crusted varicos are now contagious.

Prevenirea bolii are face prin vaccine. Immediately postponed to a long time and is likely to be permanent in the majority of the vaccinated personnel.

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