Saturday , October 16 2021

CUTREMUR the PRO TV! CABRAL will be trapped in traffic! Din asta nu se SCAPĂ! Şoc în România

Cabral Ibacka wrote in a blog critic of a text critic with the attitude of romance to romance, which is in evidence, even in the tragedy.

"May scap to get the alcool dependency. Poate and the ceiling of drugs. There is no need to change the size of the tool, however. E fel de bucurie-blestem, aşa, de te ia ses pe sus şi nu te mai lasă. Three times before the time was gone. Azi mai şmecher decât erai ieri a tot timpul mai şmecher decât ceilalţi săraci care-ţi trec prin faţă. And now you are in the right place, you need to have a look at the cloak, "and scratch Cabral.

The teacher and the exemplary site in the "şmecherii" have demonstrated:

"In trafficking? We have a look at the line of tramvai, which will be able to circle the circle in 12 meters, so we will not be able to see the direction of ours, implying that we have no part in the spell of guilt de pietoni. And here are some important things that you can do for yourself (…) You have to do something about the Dumnezeu on the part of the ruler, who is the one who sighs in the elevator in the face coboare să o poată face. From Facebook you have the privilege of pretending to be aggravated, with the fact that you have the right to make a mistake, post-the-bottoms of the money you need to get in touch. Şi deştept. In the comments you have in mind, it is indispensable to care for people who care for CAPS, so you can choose one or more of the features of the proprietary material that will help you to understand the contents, "wrote Cabral.

Vedeta Pro TV explains that there is a burden on battery life in which the most important thing is that it's "prostate" or "delaying time" for the sake of getting the "cheats". "There is nothing that I can do to get rid of the bad things that make sense of the penis. Eu sunt prostul ăla care-şi pierde momente, minute şi potate chiar ore scoţându-ţi pe nas bădărănia aia a ta. Băgându-ţi înapoi ambalajele pe care tocmai le-ai aruncat pe geam la stop. Nelzszndu-te ınfiletezi ınapoi on banda de circulaţie după sa te-ai băgat ca vita on line linea tramvai.

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