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Comments in PSD after drawing the West Alliance of Arad, Cluj, Oradea and Timisoara

the alliance of West Timisoara, Nicolae Robu, Emil Boc, Gheorghe Falca, Ilie Bolojan<! – the alliance of West Timisoara, Nicolae Robu, Emil Boc, Gheorghe Falca, Ilie Bolojan ->

Criticizing reactions in the PSD to the Western Alliance signed on Saturday by mayors of Arad, Cluj-Napoca, Oradea and Timisoara.

Adrian Bourceanu, council member and member of CJEX PSD Neamţ, criticized the project on Facebook. "I heard that a so-called" Western Alliance "was invented, which meant an economic point from what is today's economic Romania. I believe it has never been a major threat in Romania's history 1918 to the integrity and independence of the Romanian state than this concept, according to the model of Italy according to the model of Italy, named north of this state.I ask for a great interest in the fact that the Romanian government diplomatic and decision-making factories in the field of the novels explain this attack on Romania's new vision # 39;", Wrote Adrian Bourceanu.

"I would like to analyze this new PNL experience for various reasons 1. I want to see where the plus value is 2. I charge my colleagues in the country, to go to The first chapter of the priorities of the alliance of populist mayors in the West has priority projects of the PSD government, but these mayors have no decisions However, we have found something that grows mobility in metropolitan area with train / tram / trolley / electric / metro projects projects – SUCCES. In this chapter, we found the opposite of the declarations at national level Mayor of the Mayors supports the Public Private Rights of Infrastructure Projects I have chosen to draw the "bullet point" marker to "know" you, the message that this coalition has given, without additions to the provided fields, is not one of the units ", wrote the PSD European Parliament Emilian Pavel on Facebook.

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To this end, the AVE will form the first fourth of the following year, which is a clever chapter of # 39; the European Fund will get the declared purpose of this association to create real prosperity in the region to stop the Romans. the switch to the west and bring those who go away.

Edelli Gheorghe Falcă (Arad), Emil Boc (Cluj Napoca), Ilie Bolojan (Oradea) and Nicolae Robu (Timisoara) claim that this alliance is not a territorial sectoral vision, but a European in the way of decentralization, and the The initiative is not aimed at the government in Bucharest, where they want a partner.

Among the other goals of AVE, the radical improvement of mobility between the four cities, the transition of the Transylvania-car accidents, Via Carpathia, Timisoara-Belgrade, the development of a high-speed rail link between the four cities, the development of a public transport network Interregional and international, increasing ecological mobility in a metropolitan area by train, tram, trolley bus, electric bus, metro-metro, support of public-private law of infrastructure projects, building a regional hospital in Cluj and Timisoara.

"We were great if we initiated this initiative against one.We want to be very clear that it is not against someone We are not the people of negative, but the people of positive The initiative must give us more do what we have to be effective now, "said Mayor Nicolae Robu.

Mayor Emil Boc believes the AVE project together with the Romanian government wants to work "for a stronger and richer Romania".

"No state in the world can be richer if there is no strong and wealthy cities and communities.The AVE is based on the principle of subsidiarity, which is the basis of the European Union, namely that the decision must be taken by the public authority, in most cases, is close to the needs of a citizen, "said Emil Boc.

Cluj's editorship has added that another aspect avoids AVE targets related to decentralization, saying that the centralization method is governing "one that belongs to the past."

"All these economic development engines can be taken into account in the EU, there are three hundred regions in the EU." If all engineers with full capacity work, then things will go better, AVE wants to use these development motors in the importance of Romania, as we all have a stronger and developed Romania, "said Emil Boc.

Gheorghe Falcă proved in his message that AVE wants to sell a message of responsibility.

"This project means a foundation for the direction in our platform. It is important when we talk about goals to realize the need," said the mayor of Arad.

Ilie Bologna has the power that is just too powerful and powerful, to make the four cities bloom, more attractive to European funds.

"One of the direct goals is to establish an Interregional Development Association, which is a partner of the government, so we have a comprehensive chapter in the following financial training. This is an important one objective and we believe we can be a partner who can be taken Computing for a pilot project in Romania (…) Better connection between the four cities, roads, both rail and ideas, of the computer systems, of the university environment, we are committed to the migration of Romanians to Europe, "said Ilie Bolojan.

According to him, studies show that a large number of novels opt for internal migration, and this economic development, which wants to be redirected by AVE, is an attractive factor for people seeking to find a better future in Romania .

"We will expand the models of good practice between us, if anything works well in one of these cities, it is taken over by the others and we will have the accomplishments we have," he concluded, concluded Ilie Bolojan.

The mayor of Timisoara also pointed out that this initiative is in the spirit of # The statement of Alba Iulia from December 1, 1918, it attempts to create an informal forum for exchange of ideas and experience between the heads of the cities concerned and between the boards.

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