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CIA experiment: How to break the boundaries of time and space through altered state of consciousness DOCUMENT

In the 1970s and 1980s, the CIA became interested in scientific research in the field of extrasensory abilities to hear about Russian psychokinetic experiments. A radio engineer with outstanding technical and mechanical skills, Robert Allan Monroe, had created a technique for synchronizing semicircles with low-frequency sound and written a book about his own extracorporeal experiences. Born at a weight of nearly five and a half kilograms, Monroe had no in-depth engineering education but had an early musical sense.

He was first interested in the influence of sound on the possibilities of the human mind.

The CIA requested a report on the workings and applicability of this technique, which would have allowed altered states and expansion of consciousness beyond the boundaries of space and time, and connection to other planes of existence.

The report was declassified in 2003, and in 2017, millions of pages of experiments in the field of the mind were collectively called the Stargate Project.

In 1983, the “Gateway Process” summary report went to Lieutenant-Colonel Wayne M. McDonnell, who used all scientific principles – from medicine and theoretical and quantum physics – to give an objective perspective on the changing state of consciousness, at the same time as he himself participated in the program. Consciousness, in its purest form, passes through the physical plane of the brain and becomes living energy in harmony with the electromagnetic field of the earth. This way he can penetrate the astral planes – this was the promise of the Gateway process.

McDonnell used the biomedical research of Itzhak Bentov, an Israeli-American scientist, to understand the physical mechanism of elevated body vibration transformed into expanded consciousness.

The Gateway process is based on the technique of synchronizing the two hemispheres – at the same amplitude and frequency – a vibration in unison of the heart that pumps blood into the body and the brain with its own circulation in its ventricles.

It is defined as “a training system to produce power, concentration and coherence of the amplitude and frequency of brain waves between the left and right hemispheres so that consciousness is altered” and even exceed the physical plane and space-time limits.

Similar techniques are hypnotic as well as transcendental meditation – allowing access to the intuitive right hemisphere and sending the logical left hemisphere into the background – but the state of consciousness gained through the gateway process is completely different.

The analogy of functioning is between a lamp (the ordinary human mind) and a laser (extended consciousness) – the lamp wastes energy through diffusion, while the laser produces “a disciplinary tree”.

A synchronized mind is able to align its own coherence with the rare energy levels of the universe and have flashes of holistic intuition.

EGateway process bands

A state of consciousness that is normally acquired through years of meditation becomes possible through Frequency Following Response (FFR) – the brain is able to mimic a lower frequency than the natural one – from the Theta level to the Beta level. This is produced by binaural music, in which different low frequencies are placed in the left and right ears to create an intermediate rhythm. Conditions are created to relax the body and the left mind, to increase the amplitude and frequency of brain waves. They can be combined with verbal suggestions.

There is a resonance with the sound frequencies in the body – for example with the heart rhythm. Of course, blood in the aorta gives the phenomenon of “bifurcational echo” – but it causes interference between the rising and falling blood. The body placed in a half-awake state makes it possible to reduce the intensity and frequency of blood in the aorta – the result: a rhythmic wave that amplifies the volume of the heart three times. Furthermore, the frequency of brain waves increases. The film that covers the brain – the dura – and the fluid between it and the cranial box begin to vibrate, moving up and down between .0005 and .010 millimeters.

Eventually, the body begins to function by its own micro-movements as a finely tuned vibration system. Finally, it transmits energy at a rate of between 6.8 and 7.5 Hz – in line with the Earth’s own energy (7 – 7.5 Hz).

The resulting brain waves are about 40,000 kilometers long – that is the perimeter of the Earth.

“The signal of the body’s motion will travel at a speed of one-seventh of a second along the electrostatic field of the Earth we are in. Such a wavelength knows no obstacles and its force does not decrease significantly over long “Of course, it will be able to pass through metal, concrete, water and the fields that make us. It is the ideal environment to send out a telepathic signal,” the declassified report published on the CIA website shows.

According to Vice, in short, the Gateway process has the following stages: calming the nervous system, lowering blood pressure, circulatory system, bones and other organ systems begin to vibrate at 7 – 7.5 cycles per second, increase the resonance state, the sound created waves correspond to the electrostatic field of the earth, the body and the earth and other spirits that have reached that vibration level become an energetic continuum.

From here, an exchange of energy becomes possible, so that consciousness detaches itself from the physical body.

Wayne further explains that matter does not exist, strictly speaking. The atomic structure is composed of energy networks that oscillate at colossal speeds. The speed of oscillations is different for an atomic nucleus (10 at power 22), molecule and human cell (10 at power 3). The idea is that the universe is a complex system of energy fields.

“Man, the brain, the consciousness, in the same way as the surrounding universe, are nothing but a complex system of energy fields. The so-called states of matter are only variants of energy, while human consciousness is a function of the interaction of energy in two opposite states – movement against rest.

“Energy creates, stores and retrieves meanings from the universe by projecting or expanding at certain frequencies in a three-dimensional way that produces a living pattern called a hologram,” Wayne wrote in the report.

An example is the pattern of waves made by three pebbles falling into a cup of water simultaneously. It becomes visible by freezing the surface of the water and then directing it with a laser beam that will “expose a three-dimensional model or a representation of the position of the three suspended pebbles.”

A hologram concentrates a complete image on each side of it.

“The key to a hologram is the interaction between energy in motion and energy at rest. In the example of pebbles, they move energy, while water, before wrinkling, is static energy. To activate or perceive the meaning of the hologram , a coherent light source, such as the laser, must pass through the interference pattern through the interaction between the opposite energy states ”.

Every reality as we experience it is a hologram. Thus, consciousness can be understood as a 3D network that lies above all energy patterns. With the help of mathematics we can transform data into 2- planes. Our binary minds can then process the data and make comparisons with other information stored in memory.

The right hemisphere of the brain (holistic and non-critical) functions as a primary matrix as a receiver for holographic input, while the left hemisphere has the role of relating this data to others and reducing it to 2D.

“Changes in the frequency and intensity of the electrostatic field that make up the human mind determine the configuration and therefore the character of the holographic energy matrix designed by the human mind to distinguish meaning directly from the holographic emissions of the universe.”

He then compares the image with the memory part of his hologram.

Usually, our mind finds only through comparison, that is, differences. In states of expansion of consciousness, the holistic, non-linear, non-verbal right hemisphere is the primary receptor for the holographic matrix, while working in conjunction with it, the left hemisphere supplies the secondary matrix through its binary mode, like a computer, to reduce information to discrete data.

Wayne says that by refining the energy matrix of the mind, the Gateway process changes consciousness so that it can perceive more of the universal hologram without the interposition of the senses.

Expanded consciousness

Until now, the perception of these aspects of the universal hologram has been accessible within the space-time boundaries – now it must be understood how an expanded consciousness can cross space and time.

“Physics defines time as a measure of energy as a force in motion. In other words, it is a measure of change. But in order to move energy, it must first be embedded in a vibration pattern, so that these limits give it the ability to move on a place to be in space.

The energy distributed as infinity would be completely static and unable to generate holograms. It is called by physicists “absolute state”.

“Between the absolute and the” material “universe in which we experience physical existence, there are various intermediate dimensions to which the human consciousness in altered states can gain access. Theoretically, the human consciousness can continue to expand its perceptual horizon to the absolute dimension where observation ceases because it does not generate Absolute’s holograms.

“To penetrate these intermediate dimensions, the human consciousness must concentrate in such an intense coherence that the frequency of the energy pattern that forms that consciousness (generated brain waves) accelerates to the point where it becomes a solid line – as we can measure it. with an oscillometer.

“Reaching this altered state of consciousness prepares the stage for the measurements of non-space-time based on the operation of the principle of physics called Planck’s distance – an aspect of quantum mechanics applicable to any oscillating frequency such as a brain wave which has two resting points – the limits of each movement.-down … when the energy reaches one of the resting points for an infinitely small moment, it slides (clicks out) from space-time and joins it “This happens when the oscillation speed falls below 10 to a force of -33 centimeters per second”.

The process is helped when we can separate the consciousness from the physical body. The universe is also a hologram called a “torus” – a closed spiral in itself. This pattern of the universe corresponds to the patterns of electrons around a nucleus. The energy that produced the matter that makes up the universe will return to itself. The trajectory is oval like a cosmic egg – black hole – energy dense core – white hole and the process goes on again.

The hologram that is the universe represents all temporal phases – past, present, future – or, a modified consciousness can simultaneously receive information about them because they exist in the same hologram.

The Monroe Institute (which also has branches in Romania) provides recordings of all stages of the Gateway process, the most advanced phase of transcending space-time to travel into the future.

Wayne concludes his presentation with a series of recommendations for the exploitation of the CIA’s technology.

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