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CFR warning. Clujians can not remove Julio Baptista.


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Julio Baptista It is the most famous soccer player that has evolved so far. League 1 And at the same time, the biggest disappointment. Income on a huge salary in Romania, Brazil's "proven" income and not income CFR Cluj They want to break his contract.

Despite the CFR initiative, Julio Baptista decided to stay in Romania. Brazil's highest peak was signed with Gruia's group until the summer of 2020, and the striker holds a net of 50,000 euros per month. This will give Baptista a total of € 900,000 remaining in the contract within the next 18 months. Supporter despite rejection received Nelubar He claims to sign a contract with a former star of Real Madrid.

"He has earned tens of millions of euros in his career and will not stay in Romania!"According to Gazeta, it was the idea of ​​CFR supporters. However, it remains to be seen whether the issue will be settled amicably.

Julio Baptista would have turned down the offer from the United States and Australia.

Even if he had watched two seasons, Julio Baptista Digi Sport The fact that I avoided tempting the proposal from the financial point of view before signing CFR.

"We received a variety of suggestions to go to other teams in Australia, Mexico and Argentina", Julio Baptista was revealed. "I did not come here for the money, I came here to help, we signed a contract"The striker said.

Under the direction of Antonio Conceicao, he hit Julio Baptista (21 minutes with Gaz Metan and 2 minutes with Sepsi) at CFR Cluj and the probability of a few minutes when Dan returned was close to zero. Petrescu.

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