Thursday , March 4 2021

Britney Spears, Life of Trial. The invisible face of the doll princess: poverty, authoritarian father, emotional abuse

A documentary recently released in the US caused the suffering of the famous singer Britney Spears (39 years) and still continues. She was just a child in a household that barely earned money due to lack of money in Kentwood, Louisiana, USA, when she became famous in the hit Disney TV show Mouseketeer. At just 16 years old, she has already become an international star with the hit “Baby One More Time”. Everything went great for the teenager who was soon called the princess of pop music.

But her misfortunes began when she had serious mental disorders in 2007 and 2008, following her divorce from her husband, Kevin Federline (42 years old). He shaved his head and attacked an umbrella photographer. She barricaded herself for three hours in the bathroom with her youngest son, after which she was hospitalized. He lost care of both children, Jayden, now 14, and Sean, now 15.

Since then, he has come under strict control and protection of his father, for whom he is very afraid. Her parents, Jamie and Lynne, divorced after 27 years of marriage. Britney was always upset that she was admitted to psychiatry several times. Accusing her of not caring for her children, so as not to lose them in divorce, the star has excluded her mother from her own life in the period of maximum glory. The father, on the other hand, took control of the life and happiness of Britney, who now stands at $ 115 million, with an iron fist.

In November, the star began fighting to free himself from his 12-year control. She is determined not to go on stage before she escapes tutoring, and the fans support her.

Britney was also badly injured by the horrific breakup in 2002, after a 3-year relationship, of Justin Timberlake, who became famous behind her back.

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