Monday , June 14 2021

Bomb warning at military hospital of Kaufland and Ploiesti

UPDATE: The Flailty County Hospital bombing case registered at 112 on Tuesday night proved to be false according to the representative of the Prahova County Police Inspector (IPJ), who announced that he had completed the check at the hospital unit without finding explosives. .

Another false alarm was a bomb threat aimed at the shopping center of Ploiesti.

Trained dogs were detected outside the building at shopping centers and county hospitals that detected explosive devices and special technology devices inside the building.

More than 150 people have evacuated from the store and the emergency room sends checks without an emergency. In the meantime, the alarm was not responding to the phone.

There were fire brigades, SRI, ambulance, and crew of Prahova Police on site. Army firefighters began loading the tent into the county hospital parking lot when the patient was evacuated.

"The criminal case was drafted in accordance with Law 535/2004 on the Prevention and Elimination of Terrorism," spokesman IPJ Prahova said.

We return to the details.

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