Tuesday , January 25 2022

Aston Martin DBX debut: Here is the real prototype!


Aston Martin DBX is preparing to debut, and the British released a photo gallery with a prototype during the test.

The Englishman did not yell, and took the Aston Martin DBX to Macadam. And test pilots seem to have enjoyed the wheels of the first Gaydon brand SUV. This model is already equipped with a factory because Aston Martin purchased an army facility that became a DBX factory in Wales.

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In addition to the UK macadam, the Aston Martin DBX must cope with winter temperatures in Finland and Sweden, the Middle East desert and the extreme temperatures of the Death Valley in the United States. There will also be no other circuitry to test German highways, Nürburgring circuits in the same country, and suspensions and propulsion systems in this model.

Aston Martin DBX is expected to double Gaydon's sales volume, increasing from about 5,000 units per year to more than 10,000 units. Whether the DBX will fight side by side with Lamborghini Urus and Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio, or whether it will approach the niche market between Urus and Bentayga is not clear.

Aston Martin also owns the Lagonda brand and has been able to use the same platform for luxury-based models that can maintain dynamic performance in the future. At the same time, Aston Martin wants to steal the customer from Porsche and Range Rover. Until the appearance of Ferrari's future SUVs, Aston Martin DBX and Lamborghini Urus can compete in the sport.

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