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Apostolic Bologna. Primary projects with the public, the Bucuresti and London


Adapted to the Roman Garden of Liviu Rebreanu, the film is distinguished from excepation in Alexandria Repan, Adrian Titieni, Cristi Iacob, Mihai Stănescu, Andras Demeter, Andrada Fuscaş, Mihai Bica.
"Television Română şi Dominic Dembinski in the very first mission of the revolution in the celebration of the novel, all of which have been filming the film at Ciulei. The scarf has gained a new, interesting, or unmatched patriotism and dating, with a dragon and a frieze. Demersul reused and reportedly distributed the inspired inspiration, successes and the massive preconditions of the public and premium cinema in the movie theater. Îl felicit pe Dominic şi felicit Televiziunea Română pentru această reuşită ", a mărturisit Alexandru Repan.
"And this is how many years and many a week! Întâlnirea cu întreaga echipă a fost o reală plăcere. Credits will be filled with marvelous publications, with the imagination of the poor, the regime that will support the atomic basement and a game of extraordinary actors! "- Mihai Stănescu.
The Hollywood Multiplex projection, film is pre-recorded, on 22nd November, in London, in the Romanian History Film Days in Belgrade in the pre-school registries and producer Claudia Nedelcu Duca, ranging from 25th of July to 20.30, to special edition of the Cinema Museum of Folklore in the Festival of International Film Festival and Psihanaliză.

In a paradiseal park, when the ruins of the cameras, in the midst of a spurious ignition tower, a former Japanese monastery, Apostolic Bologna has lost its way to the luminous luminosity.
Amintirile lui devin filmul "APOSTOLUL BOLOGA". Un sfânt care (ne) povesteşte, dincolo de moarte – sfinţii şi eroii, nu mor niciodată, nu-i aşa? -, or adventures in this aspect of the world have not been recuperated, they will not be able to spend time in the world, and have the real historical confusion.
The Roman Garden of Liviu Rebreanu in the formal cinematographic film is the propaganda of Producing TVR TVs for viewers and telespectors, the 100th anniversary of the world's first conflagration.
Structurally similar to those in the lucrurile vulgar have come up with their neuroscience, the films are abbreviated and unconvinced by the structure of the Romanesque, which is the result of constructing buildings – the type of puzzle, the sophisticated atmosphere in the imaginary state of the novel cronic. O poveste spusi de actori importanţi ai cinematografiei româneşti: Răzvan Vasilescu, Alexandru Repan, Cristi Iacob, Mihai Stănescu, Adrian Titieni, Ion Haiduc, Marius Bodochi, Bogdan Nechifor, Andreea Vasile, Demeter Andras, Meda Victor, Mihai Bica, Andrada Fuscaş, Mircea Postelnicu, George Constantinescu and Albert Demeter.

The Imagine film is dedicated to Daniel Şerbănică, the Dragoş Smărăndescu, scenography costume: Bristena de Satmaari, scenography: Raluca Chelaru, Matei Bucur Mihăescu semnează musica in Mihaela Constantinescu musical illusion. "APOSTOLUL BOLOGA" is the production of the production of TVR on a seminar on Dominic Dembinski; producer delegate: Demeter Andras.
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"APOSTOLUL BOLOGA" faces part of the pro-Jewish Television Romedia dedicate Centenarului Marii Uniri and will broadcast the final day of the TVR 1.

Un proiect realizate cu sprijinul: Dedeman, Fortifikat Forte, Borsec, Chez Odette, Crama Gîrboiu, Teatrul de Comedie, Teatrul Naţional IL Caragiale Bucureşti.
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