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Andreea Antonescu, efforts to make the truth about her relationship with her husband

He tried to mask the divorce, but eventually he was given the goal! Andreea Antonescu is ready to marry. The girlfriend talks about all the issues that the star has at this time.

The truth always comes to the surface. This is the case with Andreea Antonescu and Traian Spak. The two are a modern family, but the truth is very different!

Andreea Antonescu and her husband rarely appear in the photo & # 39; s and also the man & # 39; s artist lives in & # 39; a United States of America, which has attracted many rhythms over a possible divorce.

Additionally, the Romans are also supported by the friend of the famous artist who & # 39; t understands the relationship of & # 39; The two are no longer working. She thinks Andreea has one to indicate permanently in her life, for it is too hard to always stay off and grow up alone. So separation would be unintentional, even if it tries to save the relationship.

The trust of & # 39; the soloist added that this marriage to & # 39; The length has long been and so rare is that practically no longer is a family.

Andreea Antonescu arranges the possibility to separate her husband. Although they have not officially said, the artist has made it clear that it is inexplicable. Although the status has changed at this time, the artist says that nothing is forever and that the only guarantee in this life is death, and everything that is relative. But Andreea gave another line differently.

"I travel a lot, he often looks at the country. We do not make public publications, and we have published each of his visits to the country, every departure from me … Now that I leave in six or seven months, understand that it completely and completely different "

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