Monday , November 29 2021

Allview uses Google's collaborative contract for using Android TV and Google Assistant TV: – Hi-Tech Lifestyle



Since the launch of the all-in-one Allview television launched primarily televised non-smart sub brand, computers are broadcast in the world of Android and smart telephony smartphone segments.

Allview has announced that intermediate communication will take place at the time of a collaborative contract with Google that will allow you to launch a brand new Smart TV brand with Android TV and Google Assistant Integrated. It is ready that Allview is the brand of Europe care and a contract with Google in this sense.

"There is no need for technology to advance the accesible price. Televizoarele smart cu Android against schimba perspectiva utilizatorilor, oferind acestora conţinutul and applicaţiile dorite, in meniuri organizate special for extreme accesibile fixtures. Utilizatorul will have the installation of Netflix installed, certificates and available in the second functional suite, YouTube screenshots and Google Play Games", A spouse Lucian Peticilă, general manager at Allview.

In the current moment, when 60 television channels from the third party are Google's certificates, the coffers of this year have decided to deploy the Allview brand.

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