Saturday , September 18 2021

Alex Velea and Antonia, accused of making a girl at a party. The victim claims she was spit on and made obscene statements

One of the most famous couples in the Romanian social landscape, the one formed by Antonia and Alex Velea, faces serious accusations. The two stars in the music industry are accused by a young woman, who claims she was attacked.

Alex Velea and Antonia, for very serious accusations

The alleged victim is 27 years old and her name is Francesca. The woman claims she was cursed by the dead and spit on by Alex Velea, and Antonia allegedly humiliated her, repeatedly asking her if she had anal sex, according to the website

The event would all have taken place on Thursday night, at a party organized on the occasion of a mutual friend’s birthday. The woman works in a multinational and said she was speechless. She could not respond to the insults that would have fallen on her, and now she is waiting for an apology from the two stars, the cited source also mentions.

“I went with my girlfriend, Carmen, to a friend’s birthday. At one point, Antonia came, whom I admired. Shortly after, Alex Velea came. The boy is also friends with her. At one point, they both started dating. to look at me and my girlfriend.They whispered and laughed of course.It was clear that she was laughing around us.My girlfriend and I tried to ignore it because we did not want to talk.But things went on.They talked to more and more people who were invited and they pointed to us.

“At that moment, they both pointed their middle finger at my mouth.”

I did not understand what was happening because we did not know each other personally. My girlfriend was at the bar, and I was just sitting in my chair and I ignored these things to a certain extent. Antonia and Alex Velea kept searching and finally I gave in and wanted to find out what happened.

I went and asked her what was there, and at that moment they both showed their middle finger in my mouth, mimicking oral sex “, Francesca told the quoted source.

“I asked her if they had a problem with me and if they knew me. I thought he was referring me, to be honest. Antonia came up to me, laughing ironically, and asked me if I had anal sex. But in a trivial way that I do not want to portray. He spoke as if on the street. He was a little farther and started spitting me away. I sat in a chair and spat on my head. He actually spat at me from head to toe. He had a drink in his mouth. “

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