Tuesday , January 31 2023

After a very good game at Serie A Andrei Radu's Italian press


Ionut Andrei Radu was impressed by Napoli, who defeated Genoa 1893 in the Serie A football championship in Italy, and the Penando media rushed to praise him.

Geno defeated Napoli 2-1 but did not score for Radu with two amazing parades. You can read more about the news in the news below.

Ionut Radu had two surprise parades with Napoli but his team Genoa were defeated in the last minute.

Genoa's coach has confidence in Radu, who scored five goals in Inter, and his trust was rewarded. Gazzetta dello Sport is entitled "Amazing, Extremely Reflective" in the novel. Corriero's sports reporters blocked Radu's Milik in the 36th minute, 0 Genoa: "A great reflex".

Finally, Il Messaggero described the steps mentioned above between Radu and Milik as follows: "At 1m the gate was unrealistic."

Ionut Andrei Radu has been a leader of youth in Romania and has been in Europe for 20 years.

He was raised by Steaua and Dinamo. He went to Inter, but he lent it to a small Italian team until Genoa bought him completely and put the title Roman on Serie A.

In Serie A's crisis situation, grouping in red and blue was done and it was 14th place with 6 consecutive victories without victory.


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