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A priest who was killed by a car and fleeing his neighbor was arrested. His reaction


According to the police, a drunk driving priest has killed a young woman in a car with two children at home, while the other is in a serious injured Suceava County air raid.

Update 22:30: A minister of Mitocu Dragomirnei, who was wounded and killed a drunk woman, tells Agerpres that he was arrested in a preventive arrest.

The Suceava court decided on Wednesday evening to arrest 30 days of arrest under investigation for multiple crimes.

reporter: "Did you drink?"

priest: "no."
reporter: "I got alcoholism."
priest: "Do you tell yourself?"
reporter: "That's what I heard. But what happened? Why did you leave the scene? "

When two women were hit by a car, a priest of Ionut Apetrei, a cleric of St. Martyrs in Mitocu Dragomirnei in Suceava County, Police said. The ethyl toest device showed an alcohol concentration of 0.88.

The parchment left the church and headed home. The victims walked along the way with their co-workers, but he did not see them and beat them. Instead of stopping, the priest hastened and escaped.

relative: "One of them threw her into the trench, one broke her leg, and one hits her completely. "

One of the 41-year-old women could not be rescued, and the other had serious illness in the hospital. In just a few minutes after the accident, the bride was found by the police at home.

reporter: "Can you tell me what happened? Do you remember? Were you on the street? "
priest: "What?"
reporter"Are they on the street?"
priest: "Who?"
reporter: "pedestrian."
priest: "I want to talk to you … but you forgive me. I miss the olive. "

Ionut Apetrei, who was charged with four crimes, was arrested. His parishioners insist that this is not the first time to drink.

Local: "Consumption, consumption …"
reporter: "Did he climb the wheels too? "
Local: "How come you do not go up?"

Local: "It is better to drink, and this is known, not to the priest, but to his example in common, he should be an example to not do"

The murdered woman was the mother of two children. The victim and parish were neighbors.

Brother of the victim: "They were friends. When he came in he stumbled and threw a mask from the car into the pool and went home. He had no business. He wanted to hide it when he saw the bar, but he did not know how to hide it while drunk. "

After the accident, the father was stopped by the Archbishops of Suceava and Rădăuţi and discussed the final exclusion from the priesthood after the police investigation.

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