Friday , January 27 2023

A grandmother with nine grandchildren became an adolescent mother.


Trecey Britten was a grandmother with nine grandchildren and became the mother of four twins. She is also the oldest four year old mother of England.

She is 50 years old and wanted a fourth child, but she already has two adult children. Two girls and one boy gave birth to nine grandchildren between the ages of 7 months and 11 years.

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To realize her dream, Tracey Britten invested £ 7,000 in in vitro fertilization treatments.

Her dreams were fulfilled and she became the mother of four children, two twin girls, another little girl and a little boy, not one.

"I wanted a child and I was blessed by four people, it is a miracle, I did not realize that I had written history, I appreciate that I can not wait to take them," said the woman.

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