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160 companies and more than 9,000 career opportunities


The next week, until December 2, 2018, is the 12th edition of Top Virtual Employers Fair, an online recruitment project featuring 160 employers and 9,000 career opportunities on

After the first two weeks of the event, most visited states were: Bosch Service Solutions, Michelin, UniCredit Bank, Lidl Romania, British American Tobacco, Groupe Renault Romania, Coca-Cola HBC Romania, REWE Romania – Penny Market, Kaufland Romania, Ubisoft , up to now the platform up to 381,739 visitors.

This autumn confirmed the presence 160 companies from various industries, offer 9,000 career opportunities both technical and non-technical candidates. Some areas where work is open: IT, FMCG, Services and BPO, Retail, Engineering, Finance, Telecom, Consulting, Auto, Tourism, etc.

The most important benefits that are specified by TOP Virtual Employers, is that the eventual geographical barrier is continuous and accessible to everyone, independent of the city where they live. In addition, it distinguishes an event through efficiency in the application process.

Candidates can quickly "try" one or other standard and apply directly to their full CV on There are no transportation and / or accommodation costs, and when searching for a job, you can access the laptop event at the same time without the time.

Access to the event has access to work from other cities as they live in, which means accessibility to greater career opportunities and more opportunities to get a job.

By virtue of the natural digital adaptability of Z-generation, the event can be called TOP Virtual Employers or an event.

The way technology has been integrated into your life is a benefit in how to get you access and make the platform accessible for the event.

Digital natives, youngsters of Z-generations are opener to view such events, and for employers, the TOP Virtual Online Employers Platform is the height of the business market and makes it possible to personalize their profiling or VR-technology to make headquarters . The platform is mobile, easy access and navigation.

What does participation in the largest online workforce? To participate in TOP Virtual Employers, candidates must make an account and rename the website After logging in, they can apply to all work activities.

Participants have the opportunity to make a good selection of mail that they want to apply. Search filters show your career opportunities according to your domain and / or city of importance.

Some of the companies participating in TOP Virtual Employers are: ABS Software Development, Adecco, Allianz Technology, Auchan, Automatic Data Processing (ADP) Romania, Baneasa Development, BCR, Bertrandt, Bosch Service Solutions, British American Tobacco, Carrefour Romania, Coca Coca HBC Romania, Continental, DB Global Technology, DB Schenker GBS Bucharest, Dell, GERMAN TELECOM SERVICES EUROPE – ROMANIA, DM Drug Market, DXC Technology, Endava, Ericsson, Exiger, Federal Mogul Motor Parts, Finastra, First Bank, Flex, Genpact, Groupe Renault Romania, Harman, HELLA, Henkel, HP Inc, Intralinks, Kaufland Romania, Kimball Electronics, Lidl Romania, London Stock Exchange Group, McDonald's, MHP – Porsche Company , Michelin, Microsoft, Molson Coors Global Business Services, Mood Media, Nokia, Orange Roemenia, P & G, PayPoint, Philip Morris International, Playtech, RapidSolution Software, REWE Romania – Penny Market, Rompetrol – KMG International, Ceged in the Service Center, Societe General European Business Services, Teleperformance Greece, Teleperformance Romania, TELUS International Europe, TELUS International Europe, Ubisoft, Unicredit Bank, Veeam Software, Verint, Visteon, Wipro Automotive Excellence Center, Wipro LTD.

The event can be accessed on Sunday, December 2nd. In the section that is present in the event, they can visit business profiles, view the available jobs, and the requirements that are employed are applied to applicants and apply them to jobs.

More details about the event, HERE.

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