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The revolt of the victims – Above all, those who love the Tondela-Benfica chronicle – Observers


There are many white handkerchiefs in Jamor, many white handkerchiefs with light, many white handkerchiefs touching Ajax, or many more with Moreirense. Rui Vitoria has undergone the most backward phase since arriving in Benfica, and the challenges have increased in parallel with the increase in bad harvests. When I arrived in Tondela, there were four consecutive meetings without victory. – V. Guimarães played the worst game on behalf of Jorge Jesus in 2015. And despite the confidence in the sports press in the first game, there are still a lot of believers in the nose. There was no victory after winning 3-0 in Sertanense and Coimbra.

After that week and a statement made after the home defeat of Morelence, even though it was still criticized through social networks, the Eagles coach is a major concern for the contest. Some commentators who have won six titles in the first three seasons ask: Will you be the victim of the moment? In this case, the answer that many people can justify as usual is to go in one direction or another, but in football, Benfica's nominee always fails. The percentage of losers in the last two games is very low. In the midfield, without the light of the season beginning to be delivered to other sectors; In defense, several goals have been recognized in the transition.

The result is always a key metric for identifying the coach's possible output, but there are other indicators that can be easily detected depending on who drives and who is already in. In particular, the head, attitude, will and delivery at the meeting place. Teams crossing the Negative series can lose other games, keep their coaches right, break their records, and continue without a coach. Because good decisions always have more isolated elements than ponder. "Are the players out there? This is clear to me as water." At a press conference he convinced the coach to pre-screen the fight at Tondela.

"We have a very united group with a clear idea that all should be united. If we are not united from an external point of view, we must unite internally. All of us are involved in this idea. The players and we all have this perception. In fact, the way we work and the messages we deliver in Ajax games are a very big guarantee I have, because it shows the signs that we will win Tondela. pressure? It's the same as when I came here, and I have to believe how I live. I have a passion for my job and represent a great club and it will be until the last day. I have seen many moments of good life and success. Football life. "He spoke in a conversation before heading to the Tondela stage, which means the end of this negative series.

Without injured Jardel and wounded Salvio, Rui Vitória could not find an alternative and moved the early team two months ago. With Conti outstretched by Red Dien Diaz and Rafah, Fiji has confirmed the complete recovery of the bank and also Jonas as midfielder Gdson Fernandes (not Gabriel). How he keeps doing it. Especially after a miserable start with his goal in a minute He made Rui Vitória unbelievable, he touched his face and shook his head on his bench.

Anything that would suffer as a first goal in this trip to Tondela would be bad; Everything I had to go through in the first quarter of an hour would be very bad. You will not be able to imagine everything that you suffer in a minute. But with the great advantage of Murillo on the right, Grimaldo always got the Grimaldo's speed on the ball at all times, crossing into the Xavier's entrance and pressing his mark (1 & # 39;). Vlachodimos still has not touched the ball and has already suffered, but Tondela teammate Claudio Ramos will not laugh either. Still in the first 10 minutes André Almeida made another climb to the right. ) And to the head of Jonas, the fear of Tondela tied in the first onslaught close to his opponent's goal (9 & # 39;). It went back to the square. Or one.

The meeting started, but it finally calmed down. I realized how the two groups knew each other and how to approach the meeting. When they understood, We fired weapons, took advantage of weaknesses on the other side, and put the two covers at a certain risk just before half an hour. Rafa, who pushed Joãozinho back to the right of the attack, entered the area knowing that the shot could not be reached and the shot could not be shot. Ricardo Costa took advantage of marking errors in the incarnated area in the ball that appeared on the second pole but stopped. At that time, when the direct opponent plodded, Rafa started again at the depths of the motorcycle (this was very impressive, 31). Finally, Bruno Bruno overturned Grimaldo into the ground and caused a storm, Murillo wrote a hat to Vlachodimos, and Conti crossed the line (37 minutes).

Benfica goes beyond the options for 45 minutes to prevent the crisis and confirms what is wrong (and continues to fail and has not failed before) and confirms that it is correct. And this event finally reached the feet of two "flawed" players in the interval with Moreirense: André Almeida and Pizzi. First of all, tonight, the first person to do the captain's armband embodies the rebellion of the incarnation and embodies the concept of love in the sweater of the skilled man in a bad time. This is what you can expect from a lateral-medium-wing catcher: he may not be the best player in the world, but he can positively overthrow everyone surrounding him by leaving everything he has on the field.

As a dangerous sign, André Almeida joined Pizzi and shot the post from the center (50 minutes). Benfica spent more time in the finals in the coming days. When David Bruno saw two yellow cards in four minutes and reduced it to ten, he discarded one of Pepa's units. The game again has a line of 4 ways (55 '). However, because there is no immediate solution to this kind of change in the game, Xavier saw Vlachodimos play a huge defense without missing an opportunity during the first half (59 minutes) Seferovic came in and when he touched the ball for the first time he hit 2-1, I met in a small area with the help of the inevitable André Almeida (64).

Benfica, who once again had an advantage in the future, had all the conditions to do things that he could not do after the Portuguese Cup (Coimbra: coaching, ownership, distribution and time show) of Coimbra. Later, he was able to accomplish this task, but he did not give up his fear once more and was able to reveal the mental instability that the team crosses at a low level. Xavier missed the goal in front of Vlachodimos, slipping too far into the ball, In what would be the last breath of a set of Pepa (72 & # 39;). Rafa sentenced the winner. A good pass to isolate the forward that had to choose a player to beat Claudio Ramos in the goal (75 minutes) Pizzi in the central area waited to celebrate the co-signature of VAR. Tondela 's mission was almost impossible by now, and was worse when Icarus was ejected (85 & # 39;) with prudence.

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