Friday , August 19 2022

The new Gboard feature suggests GIFs and emoticons in messages.


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To help improve the user experience, we announced new features for Gothics, Dolls, and text messaging on Monday (12) Gboard, a new feature.

We use AI technology to suggest picture emoticons, figurines, and GIFs that are relevant to the conversation headers you can use in your messages. The GIF icon may appear in the corner of the application while you are writing the message. Click the GIF icon to see some suggestions related to that topic.

Although Google seemed to be dealing with cutting-edge technology, warning that thousands of emoticons and cards suggested the application best to use in conversations, according to users who have already tested the novelty of the tool, there is no difference from Apple's iOS keyboard, Search for keywords (e.g., "birthdays", "dances", "marriages", "soccer", etc.) to suggest GIFs and emoticons related to

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While this tool is already available on all Android devices, we guarantee that Google is already available in multiple languages, but this feature is currently only recognized in US English.

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