Sunday , May 29 2022

The Enemy – RPG do anime The Medabots are in the Desenvolvimento in Japan


A distribuidora Imagineer anunciou que um RPG baseado no anime Medabots está em desenvolvimento. Com o estúdio japonês SoWhat At the end of the project, you will not have to wait for the reception of the game, and there is no prefix for the lunch.

The jog seguit and the initials of anime: the future has no distant human right to have its own robots. As a weapon of war, the robots will fight against it, and the venerable can move them to the perils of the perpetrators. Segundo o anúncio, esa mecânica estará presente: jogadores todo especialmente de las Medabot, assim como treiná-los e customizá-los.

In 1999, Japan's medabots, the Medabots and the television broadcast television broadcasts in 2002, have been spotting for many years since its launch. Animate your receiver and sequel Medabots Spirits, mas long no foi televisionada no Brasil.

Não estas primera aventura da animação nos games. Medabots may contain a list of titles for plataformas, sendo Medarot Classics, launched in 2017 para Nintendo 3DS, o mais recente.

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