Sunday , May 28 2023

THE BALL – The magical night of Ceferovic, the last four countries (Switzerland)


Switzerland, thanks to Haris Seferovic's most inspirational evening, defeated Belgium 5-2 and confirmed the league's fourth straight win.

Ricardo Rodriguez's penalty was a turning point in the 26th minute after Blackstart led the Belgian team to a two-goal lead. Seferovic in 31 & # 39; played again and established Shaqiri's pass again. After 18 minutes, he scored two goals and placed the Swiss team in front of the scoreboard.

In the case of a victory after 1-2 defeats in Belgium, it was necessary to win by two goals difference due to equal time, and had to reach Elvedi for 62 minutes.

If Benfica striker does not complete the hat trick at 84, the game will not end and will show the luxury and results for the next step.

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