Monday , January 30 2023

Supreme finds that the arrest of Paulo Guichard is illegal and orders his release


Councilor Maria do Carmo Silva Dias agreed with Paulo Guichard’s defense and immediately ordered the release of the former BPP administrator, who has been held in Custóias since October 8.

In the decision, to whom Expresso had access, the judge is of the opinion that “in this specific case there is still a claim to the Constitutional Court” for a decision of the Lisbon Court refusing to appeal the same constitution. Thus Maria do Carmo Silva Dias understands that the sentence of four years and eight months on which Guichard was sentenced “has not yet been finalized” and therefore the prison he has been subjected to since he came to Portugal from Brazil is “illegal”.

It was the decision that we considered constitutional and legal, so, of course, we are pleased with the return of Dr. “give what has been said for not saying” by giving the defense a period to express itself and then order the execution of the arrest warrant against Paulo Guichard.

The former BPP administrator was in Brazil for 12 years and traveled to Portugal after being summoned by Judge Tânia Loureiro Gomes, holder of another case, in which Guichard was sentenced to nine and a half years in prison, for the measures of coercion were increased.

But Judge Nuno Dias Costa, head of the case in which Guichard was sentenced to four years and eight months, understood that the sentence had already become final (the same concept of the Lisbon court) and ordered the arrest of the former BPP administrator. Saw Carneiro airport.

However, Judge Tânia Loureiro Gomes has already ordered the confiscation of Guichard’s passport, which will be re-arrested if the constitutional court rejects the claim.

The release will have to take effect immediately.

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