Monday , November 29 2021

Spain is the inviting land of the Lisbon Book Fair of 2019


"Portugal was one year ago the host of the Madrid Book Fair [Espanha] And, next year, Spain will be the host country of # 39 booklet of Lisbon and Portugal from # 39; Seville Book Fair [Espanha]"said the head of a Portuguese capital on a balconie conference of the 30th bilateral summit in Valladolid, Spain.

In 2017, Portugal was the invited country of 76rd Madrid Book Fair, which was 26 May to 11 June, in what is most important platform of & # 39; Spanish bake brewery.

The exhibition, which was in the Retiro Park of Spanish capital, was a chance to introduce portraits of portraits and translations in & nbsp; to stimulate the Spanish language.

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