Sunday , March 26 2023

Samsung may have several smartphones with notches on the screen.


Fashion of Smartphone Notch, Or a notch at the top of the screen inevitably appeared. Companies such as Apple had to install multiple cameras and sensors on the front panel. Several companies followed the same design and called it so-called "monochrome, notch …". Well, it is true that it is not beautiful, but it is necessary.

Samsung, who has been flexible to this new approach so far, seemed to finally join the club. Notch.

Samsung image with notch on the screen

Notch won.

Samsung equipment has a generous but tall screen that takes up space in the system itself. Now the Korean company seems to be changing their minds.

At this conference, Samsung confirmed that developers will soon be joining Notch Trend. On slide keynote speech We have shown some "notch" designs that will be applied to branded devices in 2019 and beyond.

Hassan Anjum, product marketing manager for Samsung Electronics, is on the stage to maximize Samsung's previous innovative trimming and screen size.

We will overcome the limit with the new line of Infinity U, V and O screens. We can not let you know anymore.

Said Anjum.

Therefore, the following proposal should be presented to Samsung's proposal.

  • Infinity U: Essentially the same design you get from Essential Phone. It is a small curve that cuts the middle part of the screen.
  • Infinity V: Similar to infinity U, but with four corners instead of an elliptic curve.
  • Infinity O: This is a full circular cutout of the screen, not "notch" at the top of the screen.
  • New WuhanIt looks like a perfectly clean screen.

By the description and suggested words, Samsung Electronics may seem to be able to change the position of Samsung Electronics. Notch Depending on the needs of each device, we can see in the picture that we can imagine that there is some flexibility in the middle and on the left.

The Galaxy S9 and Note9 may be the last of the lineage.

Knowing what to say about smartphones with folding screens, this new smartphone can be a different philosophy and less conservative. So the Galaxy S9 and Note9 were the last of the lineage that started a few years ago and will end in 2018 this year.

But Samsung did not mock Apple's smartphone because of Notch.

Apple, more specifically, was a campaign aimed at iPhone X. The Korean company made video public and mocked Apple for designing the iPhone.

The old saying is, "Do not look at what I say, do not see what I do." So the concept seems to evolve from side to side. Notch seems to stay at his best.

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