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Samsung marks the qualities of a Galaxy A80's flip-up camera in promotional video

A Samsung Korea has recently launched a promotional video to show camera features flip up fan Galaxy A80. The great innovation of the smartphone is to use the same set of back camera for selfies, with a rotating mechanism whereby the user has the same quality in all photos. The promotion video can be viewed below:

The company is trying to see the positive points of the lens system present in a smartphone during the video. Samsung marks some situations where it would be useful to use the features that offer the device. What is most striking is the refurbishment, but besides, it's other features to make the photos and videos made by the device.


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The camera suite consists of Mainly that can store up to 48MP, and also a wide angle of 8MP, with an angle of 123 degrees. This secondary lens can incorporate more elements into images because of its wider aperture, which makes it more often for selfies in many people, than in an open environment. Next, d & # 39; is still a third sensor, ToF 3D, this is used to better capture the depth of images.

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Samsung has the handset with some extra features like the one Super tight, this video stabilization offers you the ability to use both in front and back mode. Video files can be filmed to a maximum image quality 4K UHD.

Samsung also draws attention to the & # 39; function Live focus, that is present in some of the most recent branded handsets and also the camera's of & # 39; equipped with the Galaxy A80. This feature lets the user enjoy both cameras, adjustment deep what you want at any particular time from a video, do it when you record and not after processing. You can do it blur (highlight) at levels varying from & nbsp; & nbsp; the most non-focused, prioritize the foreground to the sharpest background at level 7. See & # 39; an image below:

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For more information about the features of the camera that are running the Galaxy A80, here is a video in Connected World, which explains in detail all "" new features present in & # 39; 39; a smartphone from the company.

Fia: GSMArena

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