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Rui Rio has never said "do not let your friend go down" – Observer


The PSD guarantees that Rui Rio never said that he did not "drop his friends" about the mistake of José Silva, the party secretary general. PSD says in a statement to the newsroom that "PSD leaders are" lies "of" malicious "spelling by people who want to imply that people with very close relationships do not respect ethical rules when concerned.

This Tuesday, Luca told the news. Telecom quoted a PSD presidential report from the Viseu militia, saying that Rui Rio "does not let his friends down" in a controversy over the party's chief of staff. At the congress. According to a meeting report that lasted for the last four hours, Rui Rio himself posed this question because he was not asked about the controversy last week.

In the face of this challenge, he was questioned by the House of Representatives on how he reconciled President Silvano's case to the "ethical hot bath" promised when he applied to the party leadership. Rio denounced the controversy by denying that the Bush administration acted in an improper way of receiving aid.

In this context, according to Lusa, the president of the Social Democratic Party "does not let his friends down," he said. "The last thing he would do was take PSD leadership in January, Jose Salvano.

At the time of denial, the PSD made it clear that Rui Rio should fairly evaluate the fact that "if you do not obey ethical principles, you will not take advantage of someone's media criticism opportunistically". The statement also noted that "once the armed forces understand the exaggeration given to this case, they even say" there is malice "if they exploit a third party's vulnerability to defend their image cowardly.

This session, which will take place at the School of Technology and Management of Viseu, is part of the PSD's Leadership Country trip and is one of the leaders of the PSD, including Porto, Aveiro, Coimbra It plans to discuss directly with the party's armed forces, which already exist on Earth. Or Santarém. On Wednesday, talks with the Lisbon armed forces are scheduled.

In the plenary session of José Silvano at the two plenary sessions on October 18 and 24, the subject of deficiencies of the deputy was highlighted last week. On Friday, Social Democratic deputy Emília Cerqueira said she had accidentally registered with José Silvano password Fernando Negrao, the winner of the conference, called on the case to be "closed".

Six days after Expresso reported the case (November 3) last Thursday, Jose Silvano gave a statement to the Congress without answering journalists' questions. Session plenary session of the era when he was absent for political activities in Vila Real and Santarém. In the same statement, Silvano investigated what happened to the attorney general's office, which announced that it was analyzing the case.

On November 5, Rui Rio asserted that he maintained political trust in José Silvano and categorized it into the "small squabbles" area. "Of course I maintain political trust, which is not pleasant but of course not a positive case, but I think the national debate, the national debate, and the national debate can be overruled by the small spontaneously occurring incidents in the authorities and other parties. Given the leadership of Porto, he can not do that.

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