Monday , May 17 2021

Rita Pereira wants the mother of a boy to be

DAfter he published a picture on Saturday that she would be the mother of a girl, Rita Pereira made a new publication on Instagram's wherever she showed up the baby's portion of her baby .

"Dear son, I tell you not to call Beatrice," wrote the actress in a legend of the image, an ultrasound (or you can see below).

This information comes to the destruction of one who has the confidence of his followers, after the presenter also the #girl word ashtag in & # 39; the judiciary used.

Rita Pereira, thought, is eight months pregnant with her partner Guillaume Lalung.

The couple have the happiness and the fear not hidden by the expectation of the first son of both.

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My friend, I say that you do not call Beatrice. # isabout #itsaboy #boysmom #mybabyboy #babyboy #knowshowbyme

A post is shared by Rita Pereira (@hyindia) on 9 December 2018 at 1:19 PST

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