Friday , April 23 2021

PSP associations highlight BE and SOS racism incitement for violence – Worry

The Association of Police Professionals (ASPP / PSP) accuses several political and associative entities, such as the Linkblock (BE) and the SOS Racism Association, of encouraging violence and population against the police. The SINAPOL national police saw also led political leaders and SOS racism to produce "foolish statements."

"The comments of political entities, such as the Linkblock, and the association SOS Racism have not contributed to the solution of the problem. They have an opposite goal and stimulated violence," ASPUSA President Paulo Rodrigues told Lusa news article after the consequences Include Tuesday morning, including the Molotov cocktails against the Bela Vista PSP team in Setubal.

Paulo Rodrigues considered the comments & # 39; the & # 39; population against & # 39; putting the police "inadmissible" and adding that they make it legitimate to try to attack the police. The United Nations Association said there was a visit to classify the PSP as racist and ksenophobic classification.

Paulo Rodrigues was referring to BE deputy Joana Mortágua, who shared a video of & # 39; s falls in & # 39; e neighborhood of Jamaica, Seixal county, shared and commented on social networks that ask the bloquistas responsibility.

The association of SOS Racism is known to submit a complaint to the Police Police Commissioner, who & # 39; s concerned that the cuts are "totally unrecognizable and unacceptable" and therefore the case must be strengthened and the responsibilities have been deleted.

The head of SOS Racism and Advisor to BE Mamadou Ba published a text on the social network Facebook where he talks about "political violence" in nearby Jamaica, in Seixal, and the conflicts on Monday Lisbon, refers to the police as "The shoe of a head".

In a statement of Tuesday, SINAPOL said it was all the violence of & # 39; An attempt was made to force violence and "verily probable" that "voluntary incitement" to violence against police forces is caused by SOS racism, which "causes" them to already have an "explosive" character.

Police Intervention in Jamaica provides for serious injuries for five citizens and one police officer. The ASPP chairman was not commenting on the incident, saying investigations were open and said the crashes were becoming increasingly complex, and sometimes police were forced to use force. The Bureau Public Affairs and PSP have opened surveys in & # 39; crashes in & # 39; a Jamaican neighbor.

Police intervention in the Jamaican neighborhood also led to a demonstration on Monday afternoon in Lisbon against police violence and racism accusing Protestants of the PSP and the protest was finally convicted by the launch of elements of a public security policy.

The PSP reinforced politics on Tuesday with elements of the Special Police Officer in Bela Vista, in Setubal, and in some areas of Loures and Odivelas (Lisbon District), recorded in a few settlements in & # 39; a night, with the start of "cocktails Molotov" against a squadron and the burning of crates and various cars.

In a statement, the PSP said that the study of these consequences studied, "with no indication as far as they are connected with the demonstration" of protesting a police intervention in a Jamaican neighborhood.

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