Sunday , March 7 2021

PSD PS helps to update IRS trades

It was a proposal that cited CDs, PCPs and BE, but ultimately came as core & # 39; core & # 39; to make the end. The IRS rules will not be as proposed by the Christian Democrats and the Communists, according to the infringement update, the measure was not easy with PS-lead and PSD memory.

The proposal is made in # discussion of # 39; The State Budget for 2019. CDS and PCP consider it unclear to maintain the current limits of any IRS ranking, according to employee revenues, because they are not in the & quot; , this will no longer be a "surpassed IRS", argued the CDS.

But the PS – like the PSD, there was no vote, did not help to make the proposal easy – did not match the arguments that were put forward. The Minister of Finance, Mário Centeno, had already thought that last year a substantial reform has been made to the IRS system (developing the series, which have gone from five to seven by a proposal of parties of the left), not sensitive to proposing that they have to change it again and trying to verify the effects of this reform first.

As Expresso reports, the PSD itself has said it was made available for help from & # 39; Increasing an increase in IRS & # 39; by correcting the limits of # rows according to the invalid of & # 39; the invasion. But the conditions are: To vote for the benefits of the proposals, measures should be made to compensate for the loss of income, amounting to 63 million euros. During the vote, the party himself voted against that vote, but it was an error: in all cases it was chosen to distinguish.

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