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Post deceived by discrediting the effectiveness of faxes against covid-19

  • Verified Content: Instagram post attempting to question the effectiveness of covid-19 immunists by stating that both vaccinated and non-vaccinated people can transmit the coronavirus.

The post that went viral on Instagram comparing vaccinated and unimmunized people to insinuating that protection is ineffective against the new coronavirus is misleading. The post picture has the inscription “Unvaccinated people can get covid and can send covid; the vaccinated can get covid, they can get covid, but they are vaccinated” and, in the title, “Irrationality without logic … stop and think” .

The post is right when they say that the vaccine does not prevent the person from becoming infected with Sars-CoV-2, but misinforms them by not explaining that they reduce the risk of developing severe forms of the disease and death.

One of the proofs of this is the effectiveness study carried out by the Butantan Institute in the city of Serrana, in the interior of São Paulo. A decrease of 80% was observed in symptomatic cases of the disease, 86% in hospitalizations and 95% in deaths after 75% of the adult population had been immunized.

Contrary to what the post claims, taking any of the faxes in use in Brazil is not an irrational act. Quite the opposite: clinical trials conducted with thousands of volunteers, used as a basis for releasing the use of immunizing agents in the country, have proven that vaccines against covid, in addition to being safe, are effective. And, for now, according to bodies such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Ministry of Health, they are the “most likely pharmacological approach” to limit the circulation of the virus.

The article tried to talk to the profile that published the post, @mulherrightconvervadora, but did not get a return until the publication of this text.

How do we check?
Initially, the team sought reports on the relationship between immunized humans and the transmission of the disease as well as on studies linked to the vaccination campaign.

It also examined information on websites such as that of the Ministry of Social Affairs and the WHO and used a recent verification made by Comprova, on how the positive diagnosis of the Governor of São Paulo, João Doria (PSDB), the ineffectiveness of did not specify Coronavac.

In addition, the article interviewed Walter Ramalho, epidemiologist and professor of the Public Health course at the University of Brasilia (UnB) by telephone, and tried to speak, via a private message on Instagram, with the profile the publication created, but there was no response.

Comprova performed this verification based on scientific information and official data about the new coronavirus and covid-19 available on July 22, 2021.


The post verified here states that “vaccinated people can covid transmit”. These data are true because no immunizing agent is 100% effective against any disease. But, contrary to what the publication makes us believe, this does not mean that vaccination is an act of “irrationality”.

In the case of coronavirus, it has already been proven that the vaccines in use in Brazil reduce the risk that the infected person will develop more serious forms of the disease or even that he / she will die.

This was shown by a study by the Butantan Institute conducted in Serrana, in the interior of São Paulo. With 75% of the adult population fully vaccinated (with two doses of Coronavac), researchers have already managed to see a significant drip between new symptomatic cases of the disease and hospitalizations. When 95% were immunized, the city saw deaths with 95% declined.

Consulted by Comprova, epidemiologist Walter Ramalho explains that it is possible to see a reduction in the period of transmission by vaccinated people who were infected by the new coronavirus. “If a person who is immunized against covid-19 comes in contact with the virus, they will have a faster immune response to the disease. It will transmit, but the transmission time is much shorter compared to non-vaccinated people”, emphasizes is.

Other research also shows a positive impact of covid-19 immunization in relation to recordings and deaths of ICUs at the national level. The Covid-19 / Fiocruz Observatory Extraordinary Bulletin, released on July 14 by the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, points to an improvement in the occupancy rate of ICU beds. According to the document, no unit of the federation had an occupancy rate higher than 90% between 4 and 10 July. A scenario that has been seen for the first time since early December 2020. The study also records a 2% drop per day in the number of cases and deaths due to the new coronavirus. Vaccination in Brazil began on January 17, 2021.

This trend was also observed in research conducted in collaboration with the Department of Health, the Federal University of Pelotas (UFPel) and Harvard University, in the United States. The researchers analyzed the epidemiological scenario between January 3 and May 27, and identified a significant reduction in covid-19 deaths among Brazilians over the age of 70 – the population with the largest vaccination coverage at that time.

As shown in a recent review by Comprova, Coronavac had an overall efficacy of 50.38% – the number represents the proportion of people who were not infected after the vaccine.

AstraZeneca’s immunizing agent was 70% effective; Pfizer’s, 95% seven days after the second dose, according to the appendix; and Janssen’s, in single dose, 66%.

However, studies can present different results for different aspects, including the population profile, age and different immune responses of each organism. This is exactly why there is no way to compare one vaccine to another.

The National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) emphasizes that all vaccines analyzed and authorized by the agency are safe and have efficacy profiles defined by studies developed and still in progress. “It is important to note that these are new faxes and therefore they are being checked,” he stressed in a statement.

Why do we investigate?
In the fourth phase, Comprova controls suspicious content about the federal government, elections like the pandemic that has reached a high level of viralization. The post verified here reached more than 3,700 interactions by July 22nd.

Checking content with information about the vaccine is important, because misinformation can endanger people’s health. As mentioned above, contrary to what the post office believes, immunization is one of the most important ways to contain the pandemic.

Comprova has countered all other false claims about immunization, such as the one that used the infection of presenter Rodrigo Faro to question the effectiveness of the vaccine, the one that misinformed when he spoke about the validity of the Janssen -faccine doses donated by the United States to Brazil and those that the offender to say that whoever took Coronavac was half protected.

Misleadingly, for Comprova, content is taken from the original context and used in another so that its meaning changes; that it uses incorrect data or that it causes an interpretation other than the intention of its author; confusing content, with or without the intention to cause harm.

* This control was originally placed by Projeto Comprova, a coalition formed by 33 media outlets, including CORREIO, to identify and refine the sophisticated techniques for handling and distributing offensive content that appear on websites, messaging applications and social networks. This research was conducted by journalists of Folha de S.Paulo and Correio Braziliense, and validated by the crosscheck process by four cars: A Gazeta, Correio de Carajás, Estadão and CORREIO.

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