Sunday , October 24 2021

Portugal vai liderar subida nos preços the casas até 2020


Portugal is on the bottom of the precedents of the casino but has been added to our last year. And there are still those years ahead of us, secondly Moody's estimates. The financial rating aggravated the value of the residential residual value of 7% to 8% at 2020.

For Europe's merchandise, Moody's has been selling some fashion for just over a year. However, the relationship between the weekends, the real agenda of "Portugal, the Netherlands and Ireland, are the ones that benefit from the value of the prizes in the past three years". O mercado português è mesmo o que apresenta a previsão de uma cuenta de crescimento mais elevada.

The response to the questions of Dinheiro Vivo, the special agenda of the motivation that continues to feed on the imported market in Portugal. "Exhausting algumas in the development of the procurement and the purpose of this is to raise awareness of the residental and commercial imitation residency."

A Moody's note that "the prizes have been staged since August 2013 and will end up in 2017 for the coming of 2008". In recent years, recent news from the National Institutes of National Institutions (INE) has shown that casinos have been sold in Portugal for 16% of the year 2016. In Lisbon and Porto, the highest level of support, with 47 subdivisions % e 34% respetivamente.

A Moody's destacle that the price index of INE is 10% over 10%. It states that "there are more than eight entries in the proprietary properties". Already there was a defect in algumas zonas, the aggravation of the financing note that "a special financial regime for residents is not anxious to overtake the resident's property in Portugal."

The Moody's Confucian's confession to evolve the prosecution of the casualties, partly because of the intruders, has warned that the value of immobilization can lead to the growth of the maize. No Exit Financial Statement Statement, or the Bank of Portugal said, "Applying the period of reductions in the preceding residential segment has resulted in the use of solar schemes for submitting these preliminary procedures in the second segment of 2017."

O supervisor ressalvava, is the reason that the indices of sobrevalorização no mercado residential residences in terms of aggravating are very limited. But, thanks to the "sustainability and rapid growth of processes, it implies rice for financial stability in the persistence or refinement of the dynamics".

The motivations are based on the Bank of Portugal for the purpose of negotiating with the interest of the current investors and the imposition of the immobilizer to tackle the turmoil industry. The central bank explains that many years have much to do with our prevention influences. Mas defende que a "normalização da política monetária da área do euro", que enclave la retirada de estimulos en economia e subida gradu de los juros nos próximos anos, acabará para ajudar a stabilizar los precesos de casas.

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