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Portugal, "30-year delay in accident reduction"


The government said the challenge was "huge." Portugal is three years behind in reducing road deaths compared to northern European countries.

Despite the progress, the death toll is still high. Road deaths have slowed down in Portugal, and in 2017 only 77% of the victims' accidents occurred in the region.

There have been a lot of things, but we have been more than 30 years old in the Nordic countries that make urban spaces more adaptable and safer. "

He emphasized that road safety is "one of the essential pillars of society that cares about welfare," as part of the national consciousness of the 2018 National Day victims' day.

It is necessary for the Portuguese society to mobilize collectively because of road traffic accidents. The challenge is enormous. "

"There is an exculpation"

José Artur Neves also said that the economic and social impact of traffic accidents in Portugal amounted to 2.3 billion euros, or 1.2% of gross domestic product (GDP). "Road accidents have an economic and social impact of € 2.3 billion, or 1.2% of GDP.

Fernando Moutinho, Vice President of the National Highway Safety Authority, died in 1917 and moved some data about the Castelo Branco district, a figure that killed 602 people nationwide.

This is only part of the problem. The struggle for an accident must always undergo a change of behavior. Responsibility at 80% to 95% of road accidents is the behavior of the driver. There is a test. There is no perception that action is necessary to reduce the accident rate. "

Meanwhile, Estrada Viva president Mario Alves, president of the association, said that around the world every year, one million and 200,000 people die on the roads. He concluded, "We can not lower our arms to serious problems at the international and national levels."

About 500 drivers in letter-loss risk

Several road safety data have been announced this Sunday. There are currently about 500 drivers in Portugal who are at risk of losing their driving license.

In the first half of 2018, 82.2% of illegal activities, 791.5% of serious cases, 256% of very serious cases and 21% of cars were determined. Demand for the same period decreased by 74,5%.

Since the point card system began to operate, 118 drivers have lost their drivers' license and now about 500 people are in danger of losing their driving license.

Leaked ground collision

For example, the execution abort escape continues to increase. In 2017, the highest figure since 2010 was recorded, confirming that the data already known is a growth trend this year.

447 driving accidents, 28 more than in 2016. Nine out of those cases where the driver escaped without help.

The second cause of death occurs in areas where most driving is slow.

This morning TVI24, The director of road safety, stressed that Portugal has significantly reduced the number of children victims and that most of the people who died today on the road are old.

Marcelo, appeal.

The President of the Republic marked the appeal of citizens to the Portuguese for road accidents in Portugal and called for the authorities' commitment to prevention, education and signaling.

"The most recent data reveals an unfortunate reversal of the road accident and death decline trend since 2010," Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa said in a message on the presidency of the republic's website.

Road deaths are tragic and tremendous for everyone who lives in painful and permanent memories due to the deportation of a close person. It is a serious problem on a global level, but it is the same on a national level. "

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