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Oops: Discovered over 1,000 Google Assistant recordings

What if the private, private time of the Google Assistant users is not so private? It is that according to the Belgian public broadcaster VRT NWS record these devices on the sounds of the users. And they also send these messages to Google & # 39; s revoyers. Google Home is one of several devices with the Google Assistant, which can also be found on some Android phones.

According to the same source, more than a thousand recordings were omitted from these recordings.

That is, like Alexa, Google also has to pay to listen to the Wizard recordings and write them in text.

This means that someone is likely to listen to what the user is requesting.

"VRT NWS hears more than 1000 tracks, 153 of which should never be recorded ", explains the station. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; professional phones with private information".

Google has already confirmed this leak in a post by adopting a single Dutch-language evaluator.

"Our security and privacy teams research for ", David Monsees wrote of Google. "We are doing a comprehensive overview of our citizens to prevent this from happening."

Enable Google to ensure that audio recordings submitted for transcription are not associated with user accounts. However, VRT NWS was able to include specific people based on the contents of the recordings.

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But it recognizes that the same devices use the Google Assistant problems, they don't say "Hey, Google". Moreover, the company has achieved this reality when it tried to minimize its effects.

"Rarely do the devices make the Google Assistant the us & # 39; false entries & # 39; call ", added Monsees. "This means some background sounds or words that interpret our software & # 39; Ok Google & # 39; interpret ".

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