Monday , May 17 2021

Mota Festival took 16 minutes and gave a long talk about football portugal ::

"I was sent out to say that I was so out of my team that I applauded." It was in that way that José Mota was begun by answering a question in Alvalade pressroom. A long response lasted 16 minutes (the video is shorter for editions) and has several themes of Portuguese football.

Deportivo the Aves coach commented on the expedition to the event of Sporting, comparing the offer with others in the opinion of # a coach, also a penalty in sports field motivated. The first about Nildo (you can see right here) and the second at Amilton (see right here).

The answer went up. José Mota has moved the following problem, the video clip, and criticized the way the tool is present for "small" teams that do not have "fair" decisions by the VAR.

The coach also shook the press for the different ways he looks at the rewards, re-examining the example of # 39; the regular retirement of Amilton, and ultimately criticizes the organization of the League, the Avense team in just a month, from home, ask Saint Piter not to remember to send rain.

Sporting x Desp. Aves - League NOS 2018/19 - Championship
Sporting x Desp. Aves - League NOS 2018/19 - Championship

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