Sunday , May 16 2021

Moody's trip to Portuguese banks to "positive"

NMoody sts that the Portuguese banking sector has been "stable" since October 2017 and states that "banks expect to reduce credit or credit funding, such as capital and profitability, improve the improvement and financing of permanent stability."

About Portugal's economic growth wants the Moody's expectations that they will be refinancing in 2018 after 2018 and 2.7% after 2019 after reporting the fastest speed in almost two decades.

Credit support in Portugal has improved, although private sectors remain relatively high and above the euro central average, says Moody's that "will improve quality as banks threaten to undermine businesses".

The company's bad credit will continue to fall despite the high standards in European standards, he said.

Moody's also refers to capital increase, but remains relatively weak, & # 39; Thinks that capitalization has also been preserved by the modest internal capacity to make capital.

Modern economic growth supports a stable operating environment, says Moody's.

Banking profitability will improve, says Moody's, says it profitable to improve in Portuguese banks over the forecast period, with lower provision costs and initiatives to cut costs in some banks, however, weak yields through high- beds and low tourist attractions.

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