Tuesday , June 22 2021

Manager affairs do not stop. Inês Simões was also a victim: “I have never worked in television again” – Nacional

O testimony of Sofia Arruda opened in “High Definition” the “box of Pandora”, The list of names associated with the television, victims of sexual harassment, it’s a long time, After Sofia reported that she had not worked for TVI for several years because she refused the progress of an aggressor, the actress received the support of many national figures. Now it was time for Inês Simões, who was part of the cast of ‘Morangos com Açúcar’, at TVI, come to the public to assume that it is also a victim of sexual harassment, “I have never worked on TV again,” he laments.

Inês Simões sexual harassment

I know what that is, because it happened to me too. I believe it still happens often with a lot of actresses and actors. Effective I have never worked on TV again but I have made other projects and kept my dignity and conscience calm, ”he admitted.

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