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Lisboa. DGS and ARSLVT assign programs to combat sedentary and isolation – Atualidade

The Lisbon program +55 has been assimilated to the parish between the Câmara Municipal de Lisboa (CML), the Direction of the Saúde, the Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa and the Regional Administration of the Lisbon Islands and Vale do Tejo, assigns to the protocol of colaboration among the organisms.

The program promotes combat of sedentary and isolation caused by the pretense of physical fitness, embarking on the number of pessimisms, as well as the pilot projects involving the 400.

Segundo disse à Lusa, vice-presidente da Câmara de Lisboa, Duarte Cordeiro, concludes "on the most important projects" that the autonomy has become in the area of ​​desportation, as the case may be, There exists the menu of physical fiction.

"[Pretendemos] which has a great impact on the quality of life and sows. They combat the sedentary of the isolation caused by the pretense of adequately for a faction of the country, promoting conviction on accounting for the past 55 years, "said Duarte Cordeiro, starting with the" bandeira program "to make a living or cidade.

The academy with the vice-president of autocracy, the project is aggravating and even juxtaposes of freelance clubs and associations.

"This protocol serves, for example, that ARS is giving you an invitation to all the pessoas that you have consulted with for the sake of productivity and priceless experience, with the help of the sauce and sour cream in the field of dietary supplements," said the defendant.

For the sake of Saúde, Graça Freitas, as the "ambassadors of the paradigm of Portugal" have been "tired of being alive", in fact, "there are many reasons for this," he said. bom "what they say" the conquest ".

"These sowing promotions programs are fundamentally attentive to the formulation of formulation and lifestyle. But this is not the movie here, all the envelope, "Graça Freitas.

For the sake of responsibility, the import and export of the "residuals" programs, such as pessoas, are "encapsulating the difficulty of academics and achieving compassion." "Espero que muitas pessoas possam aderir para fazerem a diferença no futuro", frisou.

For your turn, the Provedor of Santa Casa da Misiicórdia de Lisboa, Eduardo Martinho, rescues and imports of the program is not just for the purpose of saving the life of the living room, but also for the health of hospitals.

"It's a program that the center is doing part of the cameras, using the cameras, independently of the idioms that are like pessoas. Não podemos esquecer, por força da idade, daqueles que têm uma maior dificuldade de participação ", sublinhou.

Luís Pisco, president of the Department of Regional Administration of the Lisbon and Vale do Tejo, notes the existence of "5.9 million portions of the port of Peso, which is about 10 percent".

"The popularity is an envelope, the need for political integrity that is necessary, is not a luxury," said Luís Pisco, adding that these types of realizations have been developed in conjunction with other forms of organization for "identifying and orienting programs which will benefit "to the populace.

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