Thursday , January 20 2022

IVA bullfighting


A discussion in the public square about the prime minister's claim that he does not like watching bullfighting or watching television when he praises "art" when he was Mayor of Lisbon and gave his respect to the matador. Whether you like the struggle or not, the fundamental question that sparked this debate is far from economic and financial.

The government has agreed to change the VAT rate for bullfighting to 13% by pressure from PAN and BE (claiming a 23% change to the bullfighter and ending the VAT exemption). With respect to civilization and animal life This is not a comparable sight to a theater or movie theater.

It should be remembered that there are three VATs on the Portuguese mainland: normal (23%), moderate (13%) and declining (6%). This is the way the state differentiates essential products (such as food and water or medicines) from the unwanted people who pay the most taxes.

If you go to a movie theater, theater, musical, dance or bullring, the fee is 13%. It is controversial, but parliamentarians consider it not a necessary commodity or service, but a gain. If you buy milk, fish, meat, bread, rice or flour, the VAT is 6%, which is meaningful in the list of essential food items, but it is controversial to reduce the rate if you pay hotel rates.

If you go to the restaurant, you will get 13% VAT for your meal. There are numerous cases and the prosecutor has the theory that it must be necessary to recognize the standards and principles of fairness when allocating benefits to goods or services that pay normal rates (6%).

In addition to the controversy and the vote on the State Department's budget, what is worth discussing needs to be reduced from 23% to 21% or 18%, for example, to counter parallel economies, tax evasion and injustice. It was to identify reasonable criteria (not political, partisan, corporate games) to include products at medium speed.

The stimulus was to recognize rationally and to identify where the central, provincial, and local administrations would know most of the taxes levied on citizens. Indeed, taxpayers are the real target of government bills under the covers of accounting machines. It does not matter whether the iron is long or short, because the taxpayer is always attached because he does not really know the motive of the mission and thrust. Anyway, before clapping the knight, Gyeongju always ends up as a reins game to collect the bulls of the stadium.

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