Thursday , October 6 2022

In a hospital in Cascais, nurses work 60 hours a week and work shifts.


The nursing denomination today accused practitioners at Cascais Hospital of working 60 hours per week, accused of having a safety nurse and a nursing-only service per shift.

This situation is reflected in a report on visits to Cascais Hospital, which is accessible by the Lusa Authority, and in a report that delivered a nurse order to Minister Marta Temido at the end of last month.

According to the document, "Cascais Hospital is hiring service-based nurses who receive a green receipt and process 250 hours per month (62.5 hours per week)," he said.

According to the order, this weekly workload poses a very serious risk in terms of the safety and quality of care provided.

In a letter to the minister, Ana Rita Cavaco mentions that Cascais Hospital is a public-private partnership, but it has to apply 35 hours per week defined for the entire national health service. "If we do not do that, a deep situation will arise," he pointed out.

According to the report, the order accuses Cascais Hospital, which has only one nurse from 8 pm to 8:30 pm, to ensure care such as pediatrics or gynecology.

"The situation is absolutely unacceptable." It was written emphasizing that it could jeopardize the patient's life and the dangers of nursing supplies.

According to the nurses' instructions, the Cascais Hospital insisted that the nurse "illegal" by working out the shift, committing the illegal acts and warned me that day, "there are very few inpatients."

"This type of administration, which is currently illegal, allows some nurses to spend hours on the job. Alternatively, they can be mobilized to other services they do not know during the shift," the document said.

Another situation regarding the Cascais order is about the organization of a hospital emergency medical team with a nurse in the ICU.

However, this specialist continues to deploy the patient during his / her work and forces the nurse to leave the ICU when the hospital emergency room is activated. Therefore, there is not enough nurses in the intensive care unit.

The staff of the nurse emphasized that the "lack of nurse recruitment" for the "already depleted team" to the health authorities can not guarantee the safety of people and health professionals.

Ana Rita Cavaco asserts that when the nurse is not enough, the service and nursing officer should propose "functional area closure", which is a measure of the safety of those seeking the NHS.

In a statement in contact with Lusa, Cascais Hospital did not deny the accusation in the nursing order, stating that it "is governed by the best labor practices and abides by all enforcement rules." Practice of a nurse.

"The safety of patients and the quality of care provided are the top priority for Cascais Hospital, so the specific needs, schedules and shifts are adjusted to ensure healthcare professionals and care and a comprehensive team," notes.

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